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This page is about the Indexer added by Extra Bees. For other uses, see Indexer.

ModExtra Bees

The Indexer is a machine from Extra Bees. It is used as a virtually unlimited chest for all types of bees.



Add or remove bees either manually or by piping them in/out. The Indexer serves as a buffer for unnecessary drones produced during the breeding process. When the Genepool is built the drones can be piped there. The size of the Indexer is for all practical purposes unlimited.

The sort button has three modes:

  • None: Display the bees in the order they've been added
  • Species: Display the bees by sorting the same species together. For each species the queens come before the princesses and finally the drones.
  • Type: First come all the queens, then all the princesses and finally all the drones. Each category has the same base order.