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Incense Brazier

TypeSolid block

The Incense Brazier is a block added by Roots. It is used to perform Rituals. Right-clicking it with an item will add the item to the Casting Altar. Right-clicking it with an empty hand will remove the item. The Incense Brazier can be lit by right-clicking it with a Flint and Steel, which is required to complete most Rituals. Shift right-clicking a lit Incense Brazier will put it out.


Runic Tablet entry

Most rituals, if not all, require incense to function. Incense braziers will only be counted if they are within a 9x9 area around the altar, and on the same level. Items may be placed within the brazier, and ignited with a flint and steel. An incense brazier can be extinguished by sneak-right-clicking with an empty hand.
Runic Tablet


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