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This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This item was removed in GregTech version 6.14.15.

Impure Pile of Dust
Material units 1
Ore Dictionary prefix dustImpure

Impure Dusts were a form of material added by GregTech. They can be found when mining ore. They can be converted into Dust by throwing them into a Cauldron filled with Water. This will consume 1/3 of the Cauldron's volume and eject a clean Dust and occasionally Cobblestone.

GregTech 6

As added by GregTech 6

Impure Stone Dust (matching the background stone type) is a guaranteed drop from Small Ores. The byproduct is always more of the same stone dust.

Time: 512 ticks
Power: 1
Tier: 16 GU
Usage: 16 GU/t
Costs: 8192 GU

An equivalent recipe exists for the Electrolyzer, using Selector Tag setting 0. Washing in a Cauldron has a 75% chance of returning the Tiny Dust along with the clean Dust.

Other than the stone variants and the Impure Pile of Bedrock Dust, all other means of obtaining Impure Dusts have been removed from GregTech 6. The Centrifuge, Electrolyzer, and Cauldron recipes for processing Impure dust, and the item, are still registered for every material.

This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This information was changed in version 6.06.10.

Small Ores frequently drop Impure Dusts of their material instead. Crushed Ores can be crushed again into Impure Dusts. The Tiny Dust byproduct returned by Centrifuging, Electrolyzing, or Cauldron washing (75% return) is of the first major type (see table).