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This page is about the Imbuer added by Roots. For other uses, see Imbuer.

TypeSolid block

The Imbuer is a block added by Roots. It is used to create Staffs. Right-clicking the Imbuer with a Stick and a Petal Dust will add them to the Imbuer, and then the Imbuer will a create a Staff with the Spell that was in the Petal Dust.


Runic Tablet entry

Your mortar and pestle yield a fine petal dust for use in spells, but it can't really be used on its own. With this device, you channel natural energies from that powder into a branch of wood. Simply place in a stick, place in your powder, and wait for your staff to pop out.

Magic staves are very simple to use. Imbued with the power of nature, all you need to do is hold right-click to charge up a spell, and after about a second release right-click to cast it. Staves have limited uses, and will be destroyed completely after their charges are used up. The number of charges can be increased with the use of the efficiency modifier.
Runic Tablet


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