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Illumination Powder

ModAstral Sorcery

The Illumination Powder is an item added by Astral Sorcery. When it is right-clicked on a block, it creates a transparent light block. This light block can only be extinguished by placing a block in its position.


Astral Tome entry

Glowstone and Aquamarine exhibit a strange reaction when brought in close proximity of each other. Tiny flame-like sparks rapidly flicker between both of them. These sparks can scatter quite far from their source before going out. Shattering Aquamarine into dust and mixing it with Glowstone dust creates a small pile of radiant powder, illuminating the space around it. This is an improved alternative to more commonly used torches, as it is harder to accidentally remove them, requiring the light be smothered with another block.
Astral Sorcery