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This page is about the Igneous Extruder from Thermal Expansion 4. For other uses, see Igneous Extruder.
Igneous Extruder

ModThermal Expansion 4
TypeSolid block

The Igneous Extruder is a machine added by Thermal Expansion 4. It is used as a Cobblestone, Smooth Stone, and Obsidian generator. Each face can be configured to automatically input liquids and output items to tubes or other TE4 machines. Unlike most other TE4 machines, the Igneous Extruder does not require any power.




The left tank can only be filled with Lava. The right tank can only be filled with Water. No other fluids can be piped in to the tanks.

The Igneous Extruder has three modes: Cobblestone, Smooth Stone, and Obsidian. Clicking on the icons will switch modes to generate the corresponding block. A minimum of 1000 mB (one bucket) of both Lava and Water is required for all modes.

  • Cobblestone generation will never use up either liquid, and will generate Cobblestone until the liquid is removed or the machine is turned off via redstone signal.
  • Smooth Stone generation will never consume Lava, but 1000 mB of Water will be consumed for every Smooth Stone that is crafted.
  • Obsidian generation will consume 1000 mB of both Water and Lava per Obsidian block.