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Iceman's Backpack

Required modulesForestry
Storage15 slots
Next tier

The Iceman's Backpack is a portable storage utility added by Railcraft. They can hold snowballs, snow blocks, ice, ice walls and slabs, and can be configured in the Railcraft configuration files to hold any item.

They also have the ability to compress snowballs into snow blocks, or decompress snow blocks into snowballs, if desired. It will try to keep between 15 and 8 snowballs in the bag at all times.



The backpack has four modes. These modes can be toggled by crouching and right clicking. The four modes are Normal Mode, Locked Mode, Receiving Mode, and Resupply Mode.

  • Normal Mode will automatically input picked up items as long as they are accepted in the backpack, and there is space for them. Crouch+Right clicking a chest with this mode enabled will dump all the backpacks contents into the chest.
  • Locked Mode will not pick up items. Chest interaction is the same as in Normal Mode.
  • Receiving Mode will act the same as in Normal Mode, except that chest interaction will put allowed items into the backpack, rather than out.
  • Resupply Mode is the same as Normal Mode in both item pickup and in chest interaction. Though, it will keep corresponding items in your inventory stocked to a full stack as long as possible.

They can also be upgraded into the Woven Iceman's Backpack.