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Ice World

Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Turns blocks and other structures to snow and ice.
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Altar Power required for brew 2000
Altar Power required for ritual 2800
Effect level 5
Brew component type Effect

Ice World is a level 5 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It is obtained by putting an Eye of Ender into the brew before bottling.

A potion of either Instant or Liquid dispersal methods will cause affected blocks to turn into snowy or icy variants. A potion with this effect is the only way to obtain Witchery's decorative ice blocks.

  • Dirt (including grass and mycelium) and sand turn to snow.
  • Cobblestone (including mossy) and logs turn to packed ice.
  • Stone blocks (including all bricks and sandstone), bricks, wooden planks, and leaves turn to Perpetual Ice.
  • Stairs turn to Ice Stairs.
  • Slabs turn to Ice Slabs.
  • Doors turn to Ice Doors.
  • Fences and walls turn to Ice Fences.
  • Gates turn to Ice Gates
  • Stockades turn to the ice variant.