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iChun Util
Current developersiChun
Version1.16.4: 10.0.0
1.16.3: 10.0.0
1.16.1: 9.0.1
1.15.2: 8.0.3
1.12.2: 7.2.2
1.12.1: 7.2.2
1.12: 7.2.2
1.10.2: 6.5.0
1.8: 5.5.0
1.7.10: 4.2.3
1.7.2: 3.3.0
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.2-1.16.4

iChun Util is a mod by iChun. This mod is a dependency for all of iChun's mods, like PortalGun, Sync, and GraviGun. iChun Util is a library of shared classes between all of iChun's mods.

In addition, it includes the Compact Raw Porkchop block from another mod by iChun, It Fell From The Sky, in versions after it was discontinued.

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