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IC Printer

ModProject Red
Required modulesFabrication

The IC Printer is a machine by Project Red. It's used to integrated own redstone circuits on IC Blueprints into an empty IC Chip (see Usage), which can than converted into an IC Gate.

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the IC Printer with the Chemical Decomposer into 80 Silicon Dioxide, 64 Iron (Fe), 16 Magnesium Oxide and each 2 Beryl, Chromium and Vanadium as well as possible some other compounds of MineChem.



A right-click opens the GUI of the IC Printer.

The lower part is the inventory of the machine, in which materials can be stored, which are needed for the manufacture of individual IC Chips. When a chip is to be prepared, the machine automatically takes the needed materials out of this inventory.

The upper part of the GUI is the construction area. In the middle upper slot must be placed the IC Blueprint with the designed redstone circuit. In the lower middle slot must be placed an empty IC Chip, on which th circuit will be integrated.

In the left area is indecated which materials are required to integrate the redstone circuit on the IC Chip. Materials there are not or not enought in the inventory are highlighted in red.

If all required materials are available, then the machine starts to integrate the redstone circuit into the IC Chip, which takes a while. The completed chip is then outputted in the right slot.