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Current developersCalclavia
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Ampz Modpack

ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) is a mod by Calclavia that adds missiles, rockets, explosives, and lots of other military-oriented technology to Minecraft. It has integration with IndustrialCraft 2, Thermal Expansion, and Universal Electricity. It is included in the Ampz modpack and the Infamy modpack.


ICBM adds 25 new explosives, spread across 4 different tiers.

Tier Missile Effect
1 Anvil Releases a blast of anvils, dealing immense amount of damage
1 Attractive Pulls entities towards epicentre
1 Chemical Releases toxic gas, inducing hunger, weakness, fatigue, nausea, and potentially death
1 Condensed Smaller explosion, that drops 100% of the blocks it destroys
1 Debilitation Releases toxic gas, inducing slowness, fatigue, and nausea
1 Incendiary Releases flames
1 Repulsive Hurls entities away from epicentre
1 Shrapnel Releases a large amount of flaming arrows away from the epicentre
2 Breaching Directioned explosive used for breaching walls
2 Contagious Releases virus, slowly killing entities
2 Fragmentation Releases a large amount of tiny fragmented explosives
2 Rejuvenation Regenerates chucks that it explodes on
2 Sonic Flings blocks and entities around the area
2 Thermobaric Releases a large amount of heat in the area
3 Ant-Gravitational Renders gravity null
3 EMP Releases Electro Magnetic Pulse, disabling electric systems, including inbound missiles
3 Ender Sends entities in blast vicinity to the end
3 Endothermic Releases cold into the area
3 Exothermic Releases an intense blast of heat upon the area
3 Hypersonic Advanced sonic explosive, penetrates through blocks with higher resistance better than blocks with lower resistance
3 Nuclear Explosive Colloquially called a "nuke", the nuclear explosive does a large amount of damage, and creates fallout in the extended blast radius
4 Antimatter Massive explosion
4 Red Matter Creates a self sustained red matter reaction, slowly expanding, consuming materials until it reaches a sustained radius of 35 blocks. It can only be destroyed by a second red matter explosion.

Explosive Delivery Methods

In addition to simply powering the explosive with a redstone signal, explosives can be delivered in 3 other methods.


Any explosive can be crafted along with a Missile Module to create a missile. Missiles must be launched from a Launcher Platform with a Support Frame and a Control Panel. There are three tiers to each component, and the tier of the components is the highest tier missile they can launch. For this purpose, tier 4 missiles count as tier 3. To launch a missile, the control panel must be powered and the target coordinates must be entered into the control panel. The missile will be launched when the control panel is powered with a redstone signal.


Any Tier 1 explosive can be turned into a grenade by crafting it with a String. Grenades are thrown by right clicking, and will explode shortly after. Grenade explosions are noticeably smaller than their explosive counterparts, but their fuses are longer.


Any Tier 1 or Tier 2 explosive can by crafted with a minecart to create an explosive mineart. They will detonate when lit by a Flint and Steel or pass over a redstone powered rail.

Special Missiles

Anti-Ballistic Missile

The Anti-Ballistic Missile is a specialized missile used to take down enemy missiles while airborne. When in the air, the missile will attempt to detect any and all missiles within a 20 to 30 block range. Once it has detected a missile it will fly towards it's target missile, eliminating the target missile and itself. If the missile does not detect any missiles during its flight, it will cause an average sized explosion on impact.

Cluster Missile

Cluster Missiles will split into 8 conventional missiles when airborne, confusing radar and raining destruction upon enemy territory. This missile is especially effective against anti-ballistic missiles and simple defense systems.

Homing Missile

The Homing Missile is capable of tracking a specific entity and shooting it down. To give it a target, simply right-click an entity with a tracker, and right click the tracker onto the missile. After that, simply launch the missile in the air and it will lock onto the entity and fire it down. The homing missile is not 100% accurate, so caution is advised.

Nuclear Cluster Missile

The Nuclear Cluster Missile is the same as a nuclear missile except that it will burst apart into several separate nukes upon detonation. It is important to remember to set the detonation height to higher than normal, as it will only split once it detonates.

Other Items

Missile Module

When crafted alongside other explosives, Missile Modules will be made into the corresponding missiles. Missile Modules can also be fired from launchers, but will not do any damage.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a small, handheld device capable of launching Tier 1 and 2 missiles in a straight line. Note that it is incapable of launching homing missiles and cluster missiles.

Laser Designator

The Laser Designator can be used to order air strikes from missile launchers by right-clicking a targeted location. Before the player is able to order missile launches a frequency must be set. First, set the launcher control panel frequency to a non-zero value. Then, right-click the control panel with the Laser Designator, setting the frequency of the remote. Finally, right-click the target with the Laser Designator. Note that the player can link the Laser Designator to more than one missile launcher and it will ensure that they do not collide with each other.


The Defuser is an item that can be used to defuse primed explosives. The explosive will drop as an item and may be picked up and reused. The Defuser also works with explosive minecarts as well as vanilla TNT.


The antidote is a medicine made from pumpkin or grass seeds. The antidote works similar to milk, with the added bonus that antidotes are stackable. Some poisons cannot be cured with milk. These poisons can however be cured with the antidote.

Other Blocks


Spikes can be placed down on blocks and will harm entities that touch them. They come in two special flavors: Flammable and poisonous.


Also known as the "Bouncing Betty", the S-Mine combines the properties of the Attractive, Fragmentation, and Repulsive explosives. Upon detonation, a small explosive charge launches the mine several meters into the air, after which the main charge explodes, shooting explosive fragments in every direction. Note that the S-Mine can be triggered by other explosives and can be used to create chain reactions.

Glass Pressure Plate

The glass pressure plate works identically to a vanilla Pressure Plate, however it is almost invisible.

Glass Button

The glass button works almost identically to a vanilla Button, however it is almost invisible.


Camouflage can change its appearance to any block in the game. To change It's texture: Right click it with the block you want it to adapt the texture from.

It can also be turned transparent. To do this, click on a face of the camouflage block with a wrench and it will change the texture of that face to that of glass.

World generation

Sulfur Ore

Sulfur ore is found near lava and in other hot places. It can be smelted into sulfur, which can in turn be crafted into gunpowder.


  • Missiles have a default range of 2000 blocks, but that can be configured in the mods config file.
  • Using a rejuvenation explosive in a chunk with an active red matter reaction will permanently crash your world.

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