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On this page, the changelog for the IC2 Nuclear Control mod can be found. This only contains the changes from version 2.0.0a for Minecraft 1.7.10 and later.




  • Fixed Swedish (sv_SE) language file.
  • Removed the Hong Kong Chinese (zh_HK) language file, as it is not supported by Minecraft.
  • Fixed an accidental dependency on Thermal Expansion 4.


  • Adds a crafting recipe for the Vanilla Kit.
  • Adds further support for Big Reactors.
  • Fixes reactor timing.
  • Fixes some issues related to capes, and allows them to be configured.


  • Fixes Redstone Flux support.


  • Added the Vanilla Machine Card, the Inventory Tracking Card and the Vanilla Kit.
  • Added Taiwanese Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese (zh-hk and zh-tw).
  • Added British English (en-GB).
  • Added dev and api jars.
  • Fixed some network issues with GUIs and machines.
  • Possibly fixed a crash that occurs with mods that add capes.
  • Fixes RF storage issues with Mekanism.
  • Modified capitalization of some words.
  • Updated Pirates' Talk (en-PT).





  • Fixed drop-related issues.
  • Updated Russian (ru-ru) language file.
  • Updated to IndustrialCraft 2's newer method name for ItemGradualInt.getControlTagOfStack().






  • Made Big Reactors stuff register in init.
  • Fixes small configuration issue.
  • Minor Refactoring.
  • Fixed a small NBT issue.


  • New 5x5 Reactor Card with support in the Remote Thermal Monitor.
  • Added an API to the Range Trigger, meaning that not only the Liquid card, but the counter and generator cards can be monitored. Needs some testing, though.
  • Added more OpenComputers Drivers, including the (normal) Info Panel driver, Thermal Monitor Driver, and extended the Advanced Info Panel driver.
  • Changed a bunch of the recipes (again).
  • Adds the Italian language.
  • Made Gregtech recipes better, so you can make Big Reactors stuff and the Remote Thermal Monitor.
  • Fixed the older recipes, also uses refined iron instead of iron.
  • Fixed GUI-related bugs, as well as the Thermal Monitor not alerting neighbor blocks when it's redstone is inverted.
  • Fixes WAILA providers.
  • Added pack.mcmeta.
  • Updated Russian language.
  • Fixed issue with Energy Sensor Kit. This does mean you need version 691 (or higher) IC2.
  • Made the Web Upgrade more stable if/when it is used again.
  • Changed Big Reactor's recipes to be more NC2-ish.
  • Removed two commented-out classes.
  • Stabilized the BC-crossmod code.
  • Disabled web-related configs that didn't do anything.
  • Lots of refactoring.






  • Fixed Gregtech recipes yet again.


  • Game doesn't crash when GregTech recipes are put on
  • The recipes part of the config is now case-insensitive.


  • Gregtech recipes are mostly complete.
  • Waila support for a few blocks.
  • Fixes heat bug with the Thermal Monitor.


  • Information panels sides have a IC2-style 32x32 texture from Pyro.
  • Translation to pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese).
  • Bugfix: you can now click the buttons in the average counter.
  • Wrench drops working properly with the advanced panels.


  • You shouldn't crash when using the french language.
  • You can uncraft the different cards into a electric circuit.
  • White Lamp has a recipe.


  • Changes web upgrade to have it's recipe turned off in singleplayer, but on in multiplayer. This is completely configurable. (Suggested by Greg)
  • Refactoring, and defactoring.
  • Work in progress gregtech recipes. These are currently incomplete.
  • mcmod.info file fixed, for proper viewing.
  • Lamp works much more nicely now. It's recipe is currently disabled though.
  • Readded array recipes.
  • Fixed Advanced Info Panels, so now you can properly change it's slope.
  • Remote Thermal Monitor will now accept all voltages.
  • Added dev-only capes.


  • Fixed items not making the world upgrade. Fixed small sound bug.


  • New textures.
  • New recipes.
  • Some new translations.
  • White light/lamp added.
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