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Maintained byTeam Rapture
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Current stable1.4d

Hypothermia is a modpack made by a discord group called TeamRapture. It is focused on surviving in a harsh wintry biome.

Hypothermia takes place in a custom generated snowy world with Hypothermia as the sole biome, meaning that the same mobs spawn and other world generation occurs everywhere. The biome is made entirely of Snow blocks that make up mounds of Snow, Water, and Ice. There are no trees, Stone, Dirt, or ores to be found. Due to some generation bugs sometimes there can be tiny pockets of another biome, structures, and cutting chunks in halfthough this only becomes apparent about 500 blocks away from world spawn. Players start with a sapling, Dirt, armor that provides warmth, and basic food. Temperature and thirst mechanics are present in this pack. Although the starting armor provides a degree of warmth, campfires need to be used at least once in a while to keep temperature up. To deal with thirst water must be filtered and boiled for safe consumption.

To start the pack the player can sift snow blocks in a sieve to get Cobblestone and plant the sapling for wood. A good and recommended item to craft early is a glass bottle or a canteen to drink water out of. Barrels allow players to make more Dirt and also get String with silk worms. A way to get acquire Bone Meal for the crucible (needed for Lava and eventually Cobblestone generation) is to kill Sheep and sift their Wool with a flint mesh. Flint can be crafted with Gravel after smashing Cobblestone with a hammer. Sifting is done to get other materials for other mods. For the most part there is no clear goal for the pack however there is a quest book in later versions of Hypothermia that include rewards and a few guidelines for some mods.

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