Hunting Dimension Frame

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Hunting Dimension Frame

ModHunting Dimension
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance15

The Hunting Dimension Frame is a block added by Hunting Dimension. It can be crafted with any kind of log and will take the appearance of whichever is used to craft it.

It is used to create a portal to the Hunting Dimension. To do so a frame of Hunting Dimension Frames must be created with the same restrictions as a Nether Portal, then right clicking any of them with a Sword will open the portal. The dimension can be entered by sneaking in the portal. Frames made from different logs can be used in the same portal.

Similarly to Nether Portals, random hostile mobs will occasionally spawn from an open portal. Those mobs can be any mob that could spawn in the biome the portal is located in.


All logs used must be identical.