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Current developersXbony2
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1.16.3: 1.B.1a
1.16.2: 1.B.1a
1.16.1: 1.B.1a
1.16: 1.B.1a
1.15.2: 1.9.0a
1.15.1: 1.9.0a
1.14.4: 1.8.0a
1.12.2: 1.7.0b
1.12.1: 1.3.1a
1.12: 1.3.1a
1.11.2: 1.2.2a
1.11.1: 1.0.1c
1.11: 1.0.1c
1.10.2: 0.9.0b
1.10.1: 0.9.0b
1.10: 0.9.0b
Supported Minecraft versions1.10-1.16.5
Needed forHuesoAddons

HuesoDeWiki (Wiki Bone in Spanish) is a utility mod created by Xbony2 with help from Hubry for editors of the Official Feed The Beast Wiki. It allows for the copying of a base article with the required markup and a recipe section to the user's clipboard when pressing ";" (per default) while hovering over an item. "CTRL" (or "CMD" on macOS) + ";" only copies the recipe section, and " ' " will only copy the item's name.

The mod was originally named HuesosDeWiki (Wiki Bones in Spanish), but was renamed due to the Russian word хуесос (often transliterated as huesos) translating to cocksucker.



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