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Hovering Hourglass

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance10

The Hovering Hourglass is a block added by Botania. It is a Redstone timer and counter, configurable with Mana Powder or different types of sand.


The Hourglass accepts up to a stack of one of 4 types of items - Sand, Red Sand, Soul Sand and Mana Powder. Items can be inserted and extracted manually or automatically (eg. using Hoppers).

If Sand, Red Sand or Soul Sand is used, the hourglass acts as a timer, emitting a 4-tick long redstone signal. The time between pulses depends on the block used and the amount inserted:

Whenever a Mana pulse hits the hourglass in this mode, the timer will be paused/unpaused.

If Mana Powder is used, the Hourglass acts as a counter. Each time the block is hit by a Mana burst it will count up. When the counter reaches the amount of powder stored it will emit a redstone signal and reset.

Using a Wand of the Forest on the Hourglass will lock (or unlock) it. When locked, items cannot be added or removed.

Looking at the Hourglass while holding a Wand of the Forest will show the items stored, time between pulses, and whether or not the hourglass is locked and/or paused.