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Hot Air
ModProdigy Tech

Hot Air is the main mechanic added by Prodigy Tech, it is used as the power source for nearly all machines the mod adds.

Hot Air is represented by a single integer temperature value in °C, which defaults to 30°C when no Hot Air is provided. It can be generated by various machines called Aeroheaters, such as the Magmatic Aeroheater or the Energion Aeroheater, which will provide their generated Hot Air to the block directly above them.

Hot Air can then be received by an Air Funnel, which will send it to the block above itself in the absence of a redstone signal, or by a machine such as the Rotary Grinder or the Primordialis Reactor. Machines that are not working will act exactly like an unpowered Air Funnel, but those that are will transmit the Hot Air at a reduced temperature. How much temperature is drained varies from machine to machine, but is always a fraction of the received heat.

Due to this, Hot Air:

  • Can only be transferred upwards (unless Wormhole Funnels are used)
  • Must be used as it is produced, unless Heat Capacitors are used which are not lossless
  • Is lost if it sent to a block that does not transfer it

All Prodigy Tech machines will only work when supplied with hot enough Hot Air (the number varying from machine to machine), and will work faster when supplied with higher temperatures. The formula for the final process time (in ticks) is the same for all machines, which is:


  • T is the final time
  • basetime is the base time the machine takes to process (in ticks)
  • startheat is the heat at which the machine starts working
  • heat is the heat the machine is currently receiving

This means that, for example, providing any machine with twice as much heat as its minimum will cause it to work twice as fast.

Additionally, blocks that transmit Hot Air at more than 100°C will damage any entity standing on them, like Magma Blocks do. Higher temperatures cause more damage, with each added 50°c increasing the damage dealt by 1 (Half Heart.svg).