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Horologium (Time) is a dim constellation added by Astral Sorcery. It is associated with the passage of time and relativity. Unlike other constellations, it will only appear the night after a solar eclipse which occurs every 36 days (as given by /time query day or in the debug screen in the local difficulty section). Keep in mind that a solar eclipse doesn't have to happen on day 0, because it has an offset, meaning horologium doesn't simply appears on days 36, 72 etc.

Stellar Refraction Table

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This constellation bestows Fortune on tools, Looting on weapons and Speed and Haste on potions.


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This constellation increases the ticking speed of machines.

Mantle of Stars

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Being attacked causes nearby entities to freeze momentarily. There is a cooldown period before it can freeze entities again. Fire damage will not bring about this effect.

Astral Tome entry

This constellation seems to shift in time. Not only finding it seems hard, its rays seem to twist time causing things in its way to act way faster than usual.
Astral Tome