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Tooltip textIt all funnels into it

The Hopperhock is one of the functional flora added by Botania. The Hopperhock will pick up items around it. Supplying it with Mana is optional, though doing so will increase its range. The default range of a Hopperhock is 6 blocks and can be increased to 10 when supplied with Mana.

Hopperhocks are not found naturally and must be planted by a player.


Hopperhocks and Sorting

if an Item Frame is placed on an inventory next to a Hopperhock it will influence the Hopperhock's sorting. A Hopperhock has three modes:

  • Pick up any items
  • Pick up only items in frames
  • Pick up only items not in frames

In the first mode frames determine priority of the inventory (labeled inventories take priority over unlabeled ones). In the second mode the Hopperhock works on a whitelist determined by which items are in Item Frames. In the third mode the Hopperhock works on a blacklist determined by which items are in Item Frames.

Operation Range

Operation ranges of Botania flowers are listed at Flowers (Botania).