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Modicon Hooked
Current developersTheCodeWarrior
Version1.12.2: 1.0.3
1.12.1: 1.0.3
1.12: 1.0.3
Supported Minecraft versions1.12-1.12.2
Depends onBaubles
Shadowfacts' Forgelin

Hooked is a small mod developed by TheCodeWarrior. It adds terraria-styled hooks with different functionality to aid the player in all stages of the game, ranging from simple Wooden Hooks to versatile Diamond Hooks and the specialist Ender and Red Hooks.


Hooks can be worn in any Baubles' slot. When worn, the player presses C in order to launch the hook in a straight line, grappling to the first block it comes in contact with. To retract the hook, players can press the jump button, which will cause the player to jump as if they were standing on the ground, or press shift+c while facing a particular hook.

The Iron, Diamond, and Red Hooks support having multiple hooks attached at once, in which case the player is suspended in the center of the planted hooks (The Red Hook allows this center point to be modified creating a substitute for creative flight within a limited area). Because having multiple hooks can make moving in a straight line inconvenient (you have to release the previous before you fire the next, else you and up stuck in between them) any hook that supports multiple hooks can be shift+right clicked while in the player’s hand to toggle whether it is artificially limited to a single hook at any time (called “inhibition” ingame). The limit on the number of hooks only applies to the hooks that are planted on blocks at any one time, the number of hooks that can be in the air at once is unlimited. Hooks use the regular block ray tracing to find which block to hit, meaning they will attach to tall grass but not the top 1/2 block of Fence collision boxes. Hooks will retract automatically if the block they are planted on is broken.

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