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This page is about the Honeydew added by Forestry. For other uses, see Honeydew.


Honeydew is an item added by the Forestry mod. It is obtained through Centrifuging certain Combs. It's primary uses are in the creation of Honey, in Short Mead production, and as a crafting reagent for several Forestry recipes, including Ambrosia, an item with similar properties to a Golden Apple.

Combs Containing Honeydew

The following Combs produce Honeydew when Centrifuged

Comb % Chance Output
Dripping Comb 100% (Guaranteed)
Potent Comb 65%
Mellow Comb 60%
Temporal Comb 60%
Memory Comb 40%
Furtive Comb 35%
Soul Comb 26%