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Hive bees are bees, which can be found in hives out in the world. These hives need to be broken with a Scoop, a Quarry, or a Bedrock Pickaxe.

The following hives exist:

from Forestry from Extra Bees from Magic Bees from ChromatiCraft

Forest Hive

Forest Bee

Water Hive

Water Bee

Unusual Hive

Unusual Bee

Crystal Hive

Crystal Bee

Meadows Hive

Meadows Bee

Rock Hive

Rocky Bee

Curious Hive

Mystical Bee

Pure Hive

Purity Bee

Modest Hive

Modest Bee

Nether Hive

Embittered Bee

Resonating Hive

Sorcerous Bee

Tropical Hive

Tropical Bee

Marble Hive

Marbled Bee

Deep Hive

Attuned Bee

Wintry Hive

Wintry Bee

Infernal Hive

Infernal Bee

Marshy Hive

Marshy Bee

Oblivion Hive

Oblivion Bee

End Hive

Ender Bee