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|lore="A Boiler running off Lava"(熔岩运转的锅炉)
|lore="A Boiler running off Lava"(熔岩运转的锅炉)
|imageicon={{Gc|mod=GT|link=none|High Pressure Lava Boiler}}
|imageicon={{Gc|mod=GT|link=none|High Pressure Lava Boiler}}

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工具提示"A Boiler running off Lava"(熔岩运转的锅炉)
蒸汽产出30 升/刻

The High Pressure Lava Boiler is a steam generator that is powered by lava. It is the most powerful GregTech 5 single-block steam boiler.



The High Pressure Lava Boiler is currently the only GregTech energy generation block designed to consume Lava. Lava can either be piped in or inserted using Buckets. When using Pipes, the High Pressure Lava Boiler can only hold 99L Lava at a time, and accepts it 50L at a time.

The boiler has a minimum temperature of 20 and a maximum temperature of 1,000. Every 20 ticks the temperature of the boiler decreases by 1. Every 8 ticks 2L Lava is consumed and the boiler's temperature increases by 1. While heating, 1 Bucket of Lava will last for 200 seconds, and 3065L Lava are required for a boiler to reach maximum temperature. Once the boiler has reached maximum temperature, 1 Bucket of Lava will last for 500 seconds, during which time the boiler will produce 300,000L Steam.

The boiler can hold 32,000 Liters of steam and 16,000 Liters of water. As long as its temperature is above 100, every 10 ticks it will consume 1 Liter of water and produce 300 Liters of steam, equivalent to 30 mB/t of steam. How close the temperature is to max temperature does not affect the rate of steam production. If the steam tank fills it will discard 1/4th of its capacity and release a particle and sound to alert you, then continue producing steam.

Water can be added to the boiler by right clicking on the machine with water buckets, or by placing any sort of cell with water in the water input slot in the GUI. Like all GregTech machines, it will give the empty cell back. If the temperature is above 100 and the boiler runs out of water, adding water will cause an explosion, so wait for it to cool off first.

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