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High Pressure Forge Hammer

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textForge Hammer
Previous tier
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Steam storage3200 L
Steam usageup to 96

The High Pressure Forge Hammer is the high pressure version of the Steam Forge Hammer added by GregTech 5. Like the Steam Forge Hammer, it is used to crush Ores into Crushed Ores, and hammer metal Ingots into metal Plates.

The High Pressure Forge Hammer is a fast but rather energy-intensive machine. Most of its recipes consume 60 Steam/tick, but most do not consume more than one or two seconds to carry out.

A small number of Forge Hammer recipes listed in NEI cannot be performed in the High Pressure Forge Hammer, as Steam Machines can only perform recipes listed as consuming 16 EU/t or less.


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