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High Oven
ModTinkers' Steelworks

The High Oven is a multiblock structure added by Tinkers' Steelworks. It can be used to melt metals similarly to a Smeltery, or can make more advance recipes such as Steel, Pig Iron and Nether Quartz.


The base of a High Oven

Additional layers of a High Oven

A completed High Oven

To create the high oven, the player needs a High Oven Controller and at least 25 of any compatible structure block. To build it, the player must first make a 3x3 base layer of structure blocks, then add as many 3x3 layers of structure blocks with an air block in the center as desired, and then cap it off with another 3x3 layer structure blocks. Up to one High Oven Controller can be placed at any layer except the top or the bottom, and must be placed in the center column.

High Ovens can be built from the following structure blocks:


The GUI of a High Oven with six input slots.

Once a valid structure is built, the High Oven Controller can be right clicked to reveal an interface. The interface will show the current temperature, the fuel slot, and the ingredient slots. It will also include input slots on the side, which will be 1 slot per layer of the oven (not including the top or bottom layer), with a maximum of 6 slots with an 8 block tall oven. Lastly, it includes a tank, which can store up to 20,000 mb per layer (not including the top or bottom layer).

Each of the ingredient slots and the fuel slot can hold up to a stack of items, while each of the input slots can only hold a single item.


A High Oven has a heat display at the top of the GUI, which shows the current heat of the oven. It has a minimum of 20°c when "cold", and a maximum of 2000°c, though that maximum heat is raised by 500°c per layer after the first (not including the top and bottom layers) up to a highest maximum of 9,500°c with an 18 block tall oven.

In order to heat the oven, a valid fuel must be placed into the fuel slot. Only "pure" fuels are accepted, and each fuel has a different rate of heat and burn time. Note that based on which mods are installed, some fuel choices may be unavailable.

Fuel Burn time Heat rate Effective quality

140 sec +4°c/sec +560°c

560 sec +4°c/sec +2,240°c

Coal Coke
280 sec +10°c/sec +2,800°c

Block of Charcoal
1,400 sec +7°c/sec +9,800°c

Block of Coal Coke
2,800 sec +15°c/sec +42,000°c

Additionally, if enabled in the configuration file and Botania is installed, placing the oven near an Exoflame will increase the heat rate by 40°c a second and increase the burn time.

If the oven uses up its current piece of fuel and there are no more pieces of fuel, or the structure becomes invalid (eg, a block is broken), it will rapidly start losing heat, which will stop as soon as the structure is repaired or more fuel is supplied.


In order to melt materials the oven must reach a certain heat, which is based on the inputted item. A High Oven can melt any materials that the Smeltery can; although unlike the Smeltery, a High Oven can only hold up to one type of liquid (with exceptions), thus a material can only finish melting if the liquid inside the High Oven is the same as the liquid produced by the recipe.

Ores that are melted by the High Oven will produce twice as much liquid as the same number of ingots (though it can be increased or decreased in the configuration file). For example melting Iron Ore will produce enough Molten Iron for two Iron Ingots. Additionally, if Thermal Expansion is installed, then there is a 10% chance of Slag being added to an output duct per ore.

Additionally, if a High Oven is supplied with Water using a drain and the temperature is at least 1,300°c, then it will turn the Water into Steam, producing up to 20 mb per layer (based on the temperature, the rate can also be changed in the configuration file).


In order to produce more complicated recipes, also known as mixes, the high oven needs to be supplied with an oxidizer, a reducer, and a purifier in the respective slots. Each of these ingredients has a consumption chance, which determines how often the ingredient is consumed when making recipes. Some recipes also support multiple different oxidizers, reducers, or purifiers, in which case any can be provided and the recipe will still work. Note that based on which mods are installed, some oxidizers, reducers, or purifiers may be unavailable.

Item Consumption chance Recipes

33% Nether Quartz, Steel

Sulfur Dust
29% Steel

62% Pig Iron

43% Scorched Brick

Coal Dust
37% Scorched Brick, Steel

Lime Dye
37% Limestone Brick

Saltpeter Dust
30% Steel

65% Steel

Manganese Dust
47% Steel

Aluminium Dust
60% Steel

Bone Meal
37% Pig Iron

Concentrated Essence Berry
27% Nether Quartz

100% Limestone Brick, Scorched Brick, Steel

73% Pig Iron

Graveyard Soil
59% Nether Quartz

Some recipes produce liquids which will simply be placed into the High Oven's tank, while others produce items, which will either be placed into an output duct

Drains and ducts

The High Oven supports special blocks known as ducts and drains which allow automated interaction with the oven. Drains allow Seared Faucets and fluid pipes to interact with the oven's internal tank, while ducts allow addition and removal of items.

Ducts has five modes which determines the slot to add the items into:

  • Oxidizer
  • Reducer
  • Purifier
  • Fuel
  • Input, which will add to all input slots

Additionally, there is a sixth mode which will take any outputted items, either from solid recipes or from slag. If no output duct is available, the output items will be dropped in front of the High Oven Controller

Ducts support item pipes, and if not set to "output" mode, will such in items from an inventory in the direction it's facing.