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High-Ratio Gear

Liquid storage20000 mB
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The High-Ratio Gear is a machine in RotaryCraft. It is a variation of the Gearbox, but at a gear ratio of 256:1.



The High-Ratio Gear is used in the same way as a Gearbox, but at the incredibly high gear ratio of 256:1, 16 times that of the highest conventional Gearboxes. However, it does this at a price. The High-Ratio Gear requires Lubricant to operate, and consumes it at a very fast rate. If it does not contain Lubricant, it will not transmit power. Lubricant is consumed every 4 ticks, and the Lubricant consumed is equal to the following formula: .

For mathematical reasons, there is an upper limit on the amount of power a High-Ratio Gear can transmit. A High-Ratio Gear cannot output Speed or Torque greater than 1/2 of Java MAXINT; if more power would be transferred, it is lost. (Java MAXINT equals roughly 2.14 billion, so the maximum output speed or torque of a High-Ratio Gear is roughly 1.07 billion Nm Torque or Rad/sec Speed.)