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HermitQuest Mod
Current developersWinter_Grave
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2

HermitQuest is a mod by Winter_Grave which allows players to summon and battle 17 members of the HermitCraft YouTube community.

Summoning each Hermit requires the use of a Hermit Summoner, and one block or item associated with that Hermit. Each block can be quite hard to find. The Hermit can be summoned by placing the item or block on top of the Hermit Summoner.

Each summoned Hermit has 180 health, and will say signature quotes from their associated HermitCraft member during the battle. Each Hermit has a different method of fighting. For example, Zombie Cleo constantly summons baby Husks, and GoodTimesWithScar will place Leaves to escape any pit.

When the Hermit's health reaches zero, it will die, leaving behind a unique reward item, and a Reward Banner depicting the defeated Hermit.

There are 17 banners, and 17 reward items to collect.

List of Hermits[]

Below is a list of all of the Hermits that can be summoned using the Hermit Summoner block. The list also shows which item is required to summon the hermit, how to find the item, and the reward item that is dropped by each hermit.

Summoning the Hermit is done by throwing the item onto the top of the Hermit Summoner block.

Hermit Name Summon Item Weakness Ability Description Reward Item
Biffa Tea Plant Splash Brewed Tea from Tea Leaves Summon bunch of angry wolfs and sometimes throws wolves at the player Tea Plants can be rarely found growing in Jungle biomes. They can be used to create the Biffa Tea Cup, but the plant itself is used to summon Biffa. Biffa Tea Cup
cubfan135 Cosmic Dust Block Shears Spits Cosmic Dust, which blinds the player. Cosmic Dust can be found in Extreme Hills biomes, usually above the snow level. Breaking it gives one piece of Cosmic Dust. Nine of these are needed to craft the required block. Cub's Coat
falsesymmetry Builder's Chest Throwable Golden Apples May be found around a Blacksmith's building in a village. False Goggles
Goodtimewithscar Cat Liter Tamed Ocelot (Cat) This is found on beaches. Cats (not Ocelots) may be seen on the beach which will usually leave behind this block that looks like a slightly darker sand. Jellie (Scar's Cat)
Hypnotizd_ Coffee Beans Splash Potion of Water Found in Jungle biomes and look a lot like cocoa beans. Coffee Mug
ijevin Jevin Slime Splash Potion of Water Kill the Jevin Slime mob, a blue slime which spawns in Swamps, at light level below 8, between y=50 and y=70. Slime Head
iskall85 Iskallium Ore Bird Poop Arrows Found underground; it is green and glowing, and rarer than Diamond Ore. Processed Iskallium
Jessassin Ocean Glass Throwable Torches Causes drowning damage Found on the bottom of the ocean. Christmas Hat
joehillssays @ Block Throwable Books Teleports like endermen. Found in End Cities. Joe's Special Book
KingDaddyDMAC Crown in Stone Golden Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, or Sword May appear in a Desert Temple, usually somewhere in its treasure shaft. Golden Crown
PythonGB Snake Leaves He is weak when lit on fire. Summons hoards of Pythons Found in Oak Trees in Swamp biomes. They are detectable by their hissing sounds. Snake Head
Renthedog Golden Log Diamond Axe Summons angry chickens. The golden log can be found in Oak trees. Fang
Welsknight Helmet in Stone Bows Summons heavily armored mobs. Found in Desert Wells. The Helmet in Stone is the central block at the bottom of each well. Knight's Helmet
xBCrafted Crafted Bench Weakened when in Lava Lazer attack similar to Guardians Rarely found in Villages. Orange Sponge
Xisuma Stimpack Bare hands Throws Imp Fireballs May be found with a Nether Fortress. Waggle Sword
ZombieCleo Zombie Flesh Block Splash Potion of Healing Throws flaming baby husks at the player. The Zombie Flesh Block is only found in the Nether. It is rarely dropped by Lady Zombies, which can spawn there. Cleo's Candy Cane
zueljin Castle Diorite Weakened when stuck in Cobwebs. Throws Splash Potions of Slowness at the player. Small towers (2-3 blocks) of Castle Diorite can sometimes be found near the tops of mountains in Extreme Hill biomes. Diorite Castle

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