Heraldic Scroll

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Heraldic Scroll


The Heraldic Scroll is a tool added by CraftHeraldry. Right-clicking with the scroll in hand opens the Heraldic Editor interface, in whichthe scroll's design, icon and colour settings can be edited.



Heraldic Scroll GUI.jpg

Upon right-clicking the scroll, a GUI will open. On the left is a list of all available icons. Clicking any of them will render it on the preview image, to show what it would look like on a banner. In the middle is a list of RGB sliders, used to change the Red, Green and Blue values of the Background and Foreground (Icon) Color. On the right is a preview image, that dynamically changes with any changed icon/colour values.

  • The icon and colours can be randomized by clicking "Randomize"
  • After editing the settings, clicking "Done" will save them.

Right-clicking on any Heraldic Banner or Heraldic Wall Banner will apply the scroll's settings to the banner.