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Helmet of Revealing

ModThaumic Tinkerer
Effects5% Vis Discount
Armor rating2 (Armor.svg)

The Helmet of Revealing is a helmet added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It combines the traits of the Goggles of Revealing with the Thaumium Helm, allowing they player to see everything that the Goggles can with added protection. It has 500 points of durability, 2 (Armor.svg) armor points and a 5% Vis Discount when using the Arcane Worktable.


Thaumonomicon entry

As it turns out, goggles don't offer much protection from attacking zombies. You think you have a fix for that though. By strapping goggles of revealing onto a thaumium helmet, you can get the benefits of both. Well, it turns out it is a bit more complicated than that. A bit of magic is required to avoid feedback loops, and a bit of magic to keep them from slipping off, but on the whole, it more or less works.
"Thaumic Tinkerer"

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