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Maintained byFormerly SatanicSanta
Modpack codeHellworld
The overworld has had its main metals sucked into the hellworld. You spawn in the world with nothing but the resources needed to build a portal to hell. Should you choose to continue living, you must progress through the hellish tech-tree. All resources are available, though it may take more time than usual to create or find them. Remember, NEI is your friend.​
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Hellworld is a modpack created by SatanicSanta. It is no longer maintained. It began as a picture-through, in which SatanicSanta played solely in the Nether. Eventually, the mod and configuration set was compiled into a proper modpack and released through the FTB Launcher. It is based primarily around Natura, Tinkers' Construct, and Nether Ores.

This modpack's name and slogan, Evil goes online, are references to Hellraiser: Hellworld.

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