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A Helix is an item added by Advanced Genetics. It is an intermediary form of the Gene before it is used to bestow entities with new abilities.


  • Helix (Encrypted): An Encrypted Helix is obtained by extracting a Cell in a DNA Extractor. The Helix (Encrypted) can then be inserted into a DNA Decrypter to decrypt it.
  • Helix (Decrypted): A Decrypted Helix is an Encrypted Helix that has been decrypted in a DNA Decrypter. Its traits will be described. It can be inserted into a DNA Splitter to select one Gene the Helix contains.
  • Insulated Helix: An Insulated Helix is used for cloning. It is obtained by inserting a Helix into a DNA Insulator.
  • Helix (None): A Helix without any status or usage, used for showcasing. This item is only available via using cheats or Creative mode and cannot be acquired in Survival mode legitimately. This item has only been added in versions of the mod for Minecraft 1.6.
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