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Heat Furnace

ModHearth Well
TypeMultiblock structure
Tooltip textSmelts items instantly and at no cost.
Requires a multiblock Structure.
Blast resistance10

The Heat Furnace is a multiblock machine added by Hearth Well. It is used to smelt items instantly at a very little cost.

Any smeltable item thrown at the front hole of the structure (where the Heat Furnace itself is placed) is instantly smelted and thrown out on the other side. Each stack smelted has a chance of consuming one of the Water blocks in the structure equal to 0.0244% times the number of items in the stack squared. This means that smelting one item has a 0.0244% chance of consuming water, while a full stack of 64 has a 99.9424% chance.


The complete structure is 5x3x8 and requires (in addition to the Heat Furnace):

The block in front of the Heat Furnace and the one on the opposing end of the structure both need to be empty.