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Hearth Well
Modicon Hearth Well.png
Current developerswolforce
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Mod IDhwell
Glacial Awakening
Mystical Skies
Volcano Block

Hearth Well is a mod created by wolforce. It is focused around generating resources without the need of exploration or mining, such as in a skyblock map.

By default, it also prevents players and other entities from entering the Nether through Nether Portals. This can be disabled in the mod's config.

If Patchouli is installed, then the Book of the Well may be obtained, which gives information on everything the mod adds. To obtain it, the player must hold one Wooden Pressure Plate in each hand, say a message in chat more than 30 characters long containing the words "poor", "please", "send", "book" and "gods", look straight up towards the sky, sneak then right click.

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