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Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod
Modicon Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod
Current developersHbMinecraft
Drillgon200 (inactive)
Version1.7.10: 1.0.27X4775
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
1.12.2 (no longer in active development)
1.18.2 (very early phase)

Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod (abbreviated NTM) is a mod created by HbMinecraft. It adds numerous advanced bombs, explosives, machines, and reactors, most nuclear themed. Many of the bombs require being filled will explosive material via GUI to finish assembly. The mod also adds several new ores and components to create the new explosives and machines. These include real life elements and compounds to exotic fictional ones as well. The mod also has its own energy unit, HE (Hbm's Energy Unit, initially abbreviated as HEU), which is compatible with most featured machines and the HE/RF converter, which makes this mod compatible with Thermal Expansion or any other mod that uses Redstone Flux.

The 1.8.9 version is discontinued and is no longer receiving updates, and the 1.12.2 version is no longer maintained by Drillgon200, leaving 1.7.10 the only official version. However, there is a port to 1.18.2, but it is still in early phases of porting as it's being worked on from scratch.

Inter-Mod Compatibility[]

  • NEI is compatible for custom recipes.
  • OpenComputers is compatible with numerous machines and reactors for control and monitoring.


It has been brought up that there is another port of NTM for 1.12.2 on CurseForge, this is not an official port. It is not supported by the mod author and quality cannot be assured.

At time of writing, there are actually several "versions" in 1.12.2, but none of them are recognized as "official" or even ports at all, rather spin-offs. They are usually forked from Drillgon200's port, but have not ported over many 1.7.10 features, even old ones, in favor of seemingly arbitrary additions and alterations, compromising the "feel" of the mod and its balance. The choice of what you play with is up to you, but be warned that quality cannot be assured and they are not endorsed or supported by main NTM developers and contributors.

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