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Hawthorn Sapling

Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Herbology
Hawthorn is the tree of purity, it has a long history in the field of herbalism. Mutate the sapling from another plant with Mutandis.
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The Hawthorn Sapling is a tree sapling added by Witchery. It grows into the Hawthorn Tree, which can be harvested for Hawthorn Wood and Hawthorn Leaves. Hawthorn Saplings can be used to create Wood Ash and Odour of Purity in a Witches Oven. They are also used in the creation of Brooms.

Hawthorn Saplings are only obtainable through using Mutandis on another plant or breaking Hawthorn Leaves. The chance that it is produced is random.

Breaking Hawthorn Wood can result in the spawning of an Ent.

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