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This page is about the Harvest Goddess Band added by Equivalent Exchanger 2. For other uses, see Harvest Goddess Band.
Harvest Goddess Band

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
EMC value281,568 EMC

The Harvest Goddess Band is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. When a player holds this, tilled farmland that they are near will consistently stay tilled. All crops, including Cactus and Sugar Canes, will grow faster, and flowers, mushrooms, and tall grass will spread.

It can be activated using the G key, which will allow the user to perform some extra abilities. Every ten seconds, while it is activated, it will consume 64 EMC from either alchemical fuels or charged Klein Stars. During this, it will double the growth rates of surrounding plants. Cacti that is fully grown will be completely farmed down, to prevent destruction of the dropped blocks. It will harvest sugar canes that are five blocks high to be a single block high. Mature crops, such as wheat, will also be harvested. All other plant life will be destroyed, such as flowers, mushrooms, and tall grass.

Using the tool, while there is bone meal in the player's inventory, will fertilize all plants within range. It will work on saplings at a 33% chance. Cacti, sugar canes, crops, and flowers/mushrooms will always grow.

It can be used to plant crops as well, assuming they are in the user's inventory. When used on dirt or grass near water, it will try to plant sugar canes. When used on sand it will plant cacti. When used on dirt or grass that is not near water, it will attempt to plant saplings. Seeds will be planted when it is used on tilled dirt.

It can be used to create the Ring of Arcana. It can also be shapelessly crafted with dirt to create a grass block, or the other way around.