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Hang Glider


The Hang Glider is a tool from the OpenBlocks mod. This tool allows the player to glide through the air, when holding it. Changing items while gliding will make the glide stop, resulting in a fall that can result in damage. The glide can be sped up by holding shift, though the player will also descend faster. The Hang Glider must be activated with the use key before attempting to use it.


Since version 1.6 of the OpenBlocks mod it is possible to catch updrafts when flying below cloud level during non-rainy daytime. Good pilots will be able to gain altitude and extend their flights that way. An acoustic variometer has been added to help with finding and centering updrafts. By default it can be toggled using the V key. Higher, broken/beeping tones signal altitude gain while lower, continuous tones signal altitude loss. It is important to note that the variometer signal has some intentional delay on changing frequencies. That means it is easier to find updrafts while flying slow. It is a good idea to fly in circles to stay inside an updraft.


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