Hand of Death

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Hand of Death

Tooltip textSpectral touch ignores armor
Death set bonus: Summon Death's Scythe for AOE and hunger-based damage

The Hand of Death is a tool from the Witchery mod. It is obtained by slaying the Death boss as a common drop. The Hand of Death gives the user the power of Chill Touch when they strike a creature with it. Chill Touch causes damage dealt to creatures to equal 15% of their maximum health, and will ignore armor. Holding this tool and wearing all of Death's armor pieces will cause the player to be summoned instead of Death, when Death is called.

The Hand may also be used to summon Death's Scythe, if all of the Death's armor pieces are worn (Footwear, Robe, and Hood). This can be done by simply using the "use" key with the Hand. Death's Scythe being held will cause a single hunger point to decrease every second. Attacking with the scythe will damage creatures within an AoE (Area of Effect), and will cause Chill Touch on all of them. It will also heal a couple hunger shanks on every successful attack.