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This page is about the Hammer added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Hammer.

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textCrushes ores instead of harvesting them

Usable for Prospecting
Mining levelVarious
Mining speedVarious
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The Hammer, sometimes called the Hard Hammer, is a tool added by GregTech 5. It is used to craft items (in particular, it is the earliest way to craft Metal Plates) and to harvest and crush ores and stones.


The Hammer is made from six ingots of the same tool material and one stick. Higher end and specialty materials may require a Steel or Thaumium Rod in place of the stick.

The tool material defines the Hammer's durability, speed, and mining level. For a list of tool materials, see Material Properties.


The Hammer is often the first GregTech 5 tool to be crafted. It is used to craft 2 metal ingots into 1 metal plate, necessary for creating all GregTech machines. The Hammer can be made of almost any metal or gem, and is the only tool that can be made without plates. The Hammer is also used to craft Bronze Machine Hulls, Steel Machine Hulls and most other tools.

The Forge Hammer (and later, the Assembling Machine and Bending Machine) can perform many of the same crafting recipes as the Hammer.

The Hammer also has three in-world uses:

  • Right-clicking a machine with a Hammer toggles whether or not the machine accepts automated item and fluid input, and whether or not it will automatically output items and fluids.
  • Ore blocks mined by Hammers will drop Crushed Ore rather than their regular drops. Half as many Crushed Ore is dropped as is normally obtained by Macerating the ore; for example, 5 Crushed Redstone Ore or 6 Crushed Lapis Ore is dropped when using a hammer. Gem ores will drop one Gem instead.
  • Prospecting


Right-clicking on a block of native Stone (or Granite) in the world will 'prospect' the area. A random selection of [S = 9 + 2 * Tier of hammer] within a SxSxS cube around targeted block will be scanned, and the results will be displayed as a chat line. The prospecting algorithm works in part based on the block's coordinates, so scanning the same block multiple times will not give different results, but prospecting different sides of the same block will give a different result for each side.

Prospecting is designed to detect anomalies in the underground landscape. These anomalies can be dirt, gravel, or Granite ("Material is changing"), caves ("an air pocket"), ores, water, or lava. Prospecting a single block can only tell you one thing, so it's usually best to prospect several blocks in a small area to get a more accurate idea of your surroundings.

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