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ModGregTech 4
Tooltip textTo give a machine a hard whack
Used to craft Plates from Ingots
Can rotate some Blocks as well
Also used to toggle general Machine states
Usable as Prospectors Hammer

The Hammer is a tool added by GregTech 4. It is used as a crafting tool to create various items- in most cases, using it in a recipe will take off one durability of the tool rather than consume the entire item. GregTech 4 Hammers are used to make armor, tools, Turbine Blades, GregTech pipes, Item Casings, Plates and various different machines and other items.

GregTech 4 Hammers can be used to "prospect" an area. Right-clicking a Stone (or Granite). A random selection of 25 blocks within a 5x5x5 cube behind the targeted block will be scanned, and the results will be displayed as a chat line. The prospecting algorithm works in part based on the block's coordinates, so scanning the same block multiple times will not give different results, however, prospecting different sides of the same block will. Prospecting is designed to detect anomalies in the underground landscape. These anomalies can be dirt, gravel, or Granite ("Material is changing"), caves ("an air pocket"), ores, Water, or Lava. Prospecting a single block can only give information on one thing, so it's usually most useful to prospect several blocks in a small area to get a more accurate idea of the surroundings.


EU: 1600
Time: 5 secs
MaxEnergy: 16 EU/t


Tool Damage Durability

6 256

4 128

8 1280

10 5120