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HSLA Steel Ingot


The HSLA Steel Ingot is an item in RotaryCraft. It is the basis of most RotaryCraft machinery.


HSLA Steel Ingots can be cooked from Iron Ingots or HSLA Steel Scrap in the Blast Furnace or the Pulse Jet Furnace. In the Blast Furnace, 1-9 HSLA Steel Ingots can be created from Iron at a time using Coal, however for fuel efficiency 9 is recommended. Bonus ingots can be acquired by replacing the Coal ingredient in the Blast Furnace with Coal Coke. However, bonus ingots are not guaranteed. The bonus can be anywhere from 1-9 ingots when it does occur, providing the chance of doubling ingot yield from one set of iron ingots.



Coal x1 (100.0%)Coal Coke x1 (100.0%)
Gunpowder x1 (3.6%)Gunpowder x1 (1.8%)
Sand x1 (0.2%)Sand x1 (0.1%)
Liquid Thermometer.png
Bonus output: NoYesNo


Almost all RotaryCraft and ReactorCraft machines require HSLA Steel Ingots or components made from HSLA Steel; it is the most commonly used material in RotaryCraft. HSLA Steel can also be used to make Tools and Armor, which have the same capabilities as Iron Tools and Armor but roughly twice the durability.