Gummy Swamp

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Gummy Swamp
Biome Gummy Swamp.png
ModCandy World
Forestry Climate
TemperatureWarm (90%)
HumidityNormal (80%)

The Gummy Swamp is a biome added by Candy World that appears in the Overworld and Candy World. It is a relatively flat plain with its surface entirely made of gummy.

The ground is made of a layer of Gummy Blocks of various colors on top of matching Solid Gummy Blocks instead of Grass Blocks and Dirt. Arches of Gummy Worm Blocks of all colors generate on the surface, alongside pools of Liquid Chocolate.

Cookie Ore and patches of Crystallized Sugar or Sugar also generate underground. Cave entrances near the surface are also made of Solid Gummy Blocks matching the surface, gradually decreasing in density over a few blocks. Pools of Liquid Candy may also generate underground near the surface.

Gummy Bears and Gummy Mice spawn in this biome, which is the only place where they naturally spawn.