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Scavenging is important to gather resources that would otherwise be unobtainable in Compact Claustrophobia. It is the first thing to do when starting a new play-through of the pack.

Getting Started

To begin, your fist can be used to gather
Dirt Dust and
Gravel Dust. See the quest book for more info.


By left clicking on a
Compact Machine Wall with an empty hand, you can scavenge with your fists. Each hit takes 1 (Half Heart.svg).

Once 4 dirt dust is obtained, it can be turned into

Getting Wood

Dirt can be placed down and also scavenged by right clicking. This has a chance of dropping seeds and Bonsai Saplings. If the Dirt Block is scavenged long enough, it will turn into Farmland. You can place a Bonsai Sapling to grow and get 4 Bonsai Cuttings which craft to make Wood Planks.


The next step is to craft a
Wooden Pickaxe. Pickaxes have many usages in obtaining grits, stones, and blends during play-through of the Compact Claustrophobia modpack. Each pickaxe type can be found here for information on what is dropped when scavenging.

Wooden Pickaxe

The Wooden Pickaxe is the first pickaxe you can make. Scavenging the walls with a Wooden Pickaxe gives a variety of pebbles. The Golden Pickaxe has the same drops with less durability.

Stone Pickaxe

The Stone Pickaxe is the second pickaxe you can make. Scavenging the walls with a Stone Pickaxe gives you grits, dusts, and blends to begin expansion into basic ores and ingots.

Iron Pickaxe