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Guardian of Gaia
Gaia Guardian.png
TypeHostile monster
Health points320 (Heart.svg × 160) per player

The Guardian of Gaia is a boss mob added by Botania. It drops Gaia Spirits, used to craft several powerful items. It takes the appearance of the player's skin, but much darker.


Main article: Ritual of Gaia

To summon the boss, shift right-click a Terrasteel Ingot on an active Beacon with 4 Gaia Pylons nearby. Using a Gaia Spirit Ingot will summon a harder version of the boss instead.

The boss cannot be summoned in Peaceful mode, if there are no Gaia Pylons in proper positions, the arena has holes or obstacles in it, or if a Gaia Guardian is already present.

Guardian of Gaia arena

Guardian of Gaia taking form

Gaia Traps (purple orbs to the left and right of the Beacon)

Invulnerable Guardian of Gaia during the summoning phase


When summoned, the Guardian appears 3 blocks above the beacon, filling its health bar up for 8 seconds, then falling onto the beacon. Hitting the Guardian or entering a 7×7 area around the beacon it will start the first phase.

The Guardian is immune to fire damage, and cannot take more than 25 (Heart.svg × 12.5) damage in a single hit.

The arena is a sphere with a radius of 12 blocks around the beacon. If no players are inside the arena, the Guardian will despawn.

If a player tries to leave the arena, they will be knocked back inside. Jumping too high might leave the player stuck floating above the arena in a multiplayer fight, or ending it in singleplayer.

Players inside the arena cannot fly using any methods granting creative flight, such as the Flügel Tiara or Angel Ring.

Positive, ambient status effects with duration below 8 seconds (such as those applied by beacons) will be removed from players.

Phase 1

The Guardian of Gaia teleports to a random place inside the arena every 3 seconds, or whenever it takes damage. When it teleports, it spawns a hostile Pixie that deals 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage, and creates 6 Gaia Traps. If a player is standing between the Guardian's positions before and after teleporting, they will take 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage.

Gaia Traps after 2.75 seconds disappear, dealing 10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage and inflicting Blindness for 1 second and Wither III for 6 seconds (which deals 12 (Withered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svg) damage) to all players inside their 5×5 area.

Phase 2

After the Guardian loses 80% of its health, it will float up, become invulnerable, and start spawning monsters.

Every 4 seconds, a wave of 4 monsters per player will fall from the area around the Guardian. The possible monsters are:

Spawned monsters that aren't immune to fire have Fire Resistance applied to them.

After spawning 10 waves of monsters, the Guardian descends and can take damage again.

Phase 3

This phase is mostly identical to the first phase, however the Guardian teleports around at a faster pace - every 2 seconds.

Killing the Guardian will drop loot at the feet of all nearby players who damaged the boss.

Hard mode

When the Ritual of Gaia is performed with a Gaia Spirit Ingot, the harder version of the Guardian of Gaia is spawned:

  • The Guardian gains 15 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgHalf Armor.svg) armor points,
  • The Guardian teleports every 2.25 seconds in phase 1, and 1.75 seconds in phase 3,
  • Every 0.75 seconds, 4 magic missiles (similiar to ones spawned by Rod of the Unstable Reservoir, but not homing) dealing 12 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage are launched by the Guardian,
  • In phase 3, 7 Gaia Traps are created instead of 6,
  • Witches have a much higher chance to spawn (17% chance), while zombies have a reduced chance (33% chance),
  • Spawned wither skeletons wield Elementium Swords instead of their standard Stone Swords.


In addition to the standard drops, the Gaia Guardian's Head has a 7.7% chance to be dropped when killed with an Elementium Axe (and additional 7.7% per Fortune level).

Normal mode

Item Stack size Chance Notes

Gaia Spirit
8 100% Dropped for the killer.

Gaia Spirit
6 100% Dropped for other participants.

Scathed Music Disc (Endure Emptiness)
1 20%

Hard mode

Item Stack size Chance Weight Notes

Gaia Spirit
16 100% - Dropped for the killer.

Gaia Spirit
10 100% - Dropped for other participants.

Dice of Fate
1 100% - Bound to the player it dropped for.
Only dropped if relics are enabled.

Black Lotus
1-3 10% 7

Blacker Lotus
1 3 Weight increased by 1 for each level of Luck.

Will of Ahrim
1 100% 1

Will of Dharok
1 1

Will of Guthan
1 1

Will of Torag
1 1

Will of Verac
1 1

Will of Karil
1 1

Overgrowth Seed
1-3 25% -

Manasteel Ingot
16-27 90% -

Mana Pearl
8-13 70% -

Mana Diamond
4-6 50% -

Random rune
2-4 30% - Rolled from 1 to 6 times.

The Pinkinator
1 20% -

Scathed Music Discs
1 44% 14

Music Disc
1 15

Music Disc
1 15