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Modicon growthcraft
Current developersGrowthcraft CE Team
Past developersGwafu
1.7.10: 2.7.2-complete
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.12.2
Magic Farm

GrowthCraft is a mod compilation, that was first developed by Gwafu. In July 2015, Gwafu decided to release his source code to the community due to the incompatibility issues from the continued development of Forge. As such the Growthcraft Community Edition was started.

GrowthCraft includes a collection of mods that add additional crops and utilities to the game.

  • Growthcraft-Core contains core utilities that are required for each of the sub-mods.
  • Growthcraft-Apples: adds Apple Trees and an Apple Farm to the game.
  • Growthcraft-Bamboo: adds the Bamboo Tree to the game. Objects can be created out of bamboo.
  • Growthcraft-Bees: adds additional objects and funcationality of Bees
  • Growthcraft-Cellar: adds the ability to brew additional items using hops and grapes.
  • Growthcraft-Fishtrap: adds the fishtrap to the game, great for those that do not want to sit by the shore all day.
  • Growthcraft-Grapes: adds grapes to the game, combined with the Growthcraft-Cellar mod wine can be made.
  • Growthcraft-Hops: adds hops to the game, combined with the Growthcraft-Cellar mod, Ale can be made.
  • Growthcraft-Rice: adds rice and rice paddies to the game.

GrowthCraft Mods[]

Mod Version
Growthcraft 2.1 MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 2.1 End of Support
GrowthCraft 2.7 MC 1.7.10 Forge 1448 Mod 2.7.2 Discontinued Growthcraft Flowers

End of Support

Growthcraft 3 MC 1.8 Mod 3.x End of Support
GrowthCraft 4 MC 1.12.2 Forge Mod Currently in Beta
Sub-Module Description
Growthcraft Core Base mod for all of the Growthcraft sub-modules.
Growthcraft Cellar Adds a mechanism for brewing ferment-able fluids.
Growthcraft Apples Adds additional source for Apples.
Growthcraft Bamboo Adds Bamboo - A decorative mod using bamboo.
Growthcraft Fishtrap Adds Fishtrap - Fishtraps are used to catch fish over time.
Growthcraft Flowers Adds Additional Flowers - Discontinued due to lack of interest in Growthcraft 2.7 survey.
Growthcraft Grapes Adds Grapes - Grapes are grown from Grape Vines and are used to make wine.
Growthcraft Hops Adds Hops - Hops are used to make Ale.
Growthcraft Milk Adds Cheese - Using milk and rennet and various ingredients players can make edible cheese.
Growthcraft Rice Adds Rice - Rice can be craft into Rice Balls and brewed into Sake.

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