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Gregorius Techneticies
Author GregoriusT.png
ModsIndustrialCraft 2
GregTech 6
Discontinued modsGregTech 5
GregTech 4
GregTech 3
GregTech 2
GregTech 1
Gregtech Mod Recipes
No Infinite Water
No Light Update Lag

GregoriusT is the author of the GregTech mods. He is also a member of the IndustrialCraft 2 Dev Team, invited there to fix bugs in place of RichardG867, although he later became inactive. All of his mods are officially distributed through the IC2 forum. He is well known for not having many accounts on social media and forums, aside from the IC2 forums, YouTube and the Official Minecraft Forums, of which he uses rarely.