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GregTech Manual I (Edition 3)

ModGregTech 4

GregTech Manual I (Edition 3) is one of many Written Books that may be found in dungeons to explain the GregTech mod in great detail. This book specifically covers the early-game process of GregTech 4, primarily basic resources, tools, and steam machines.


So, this is probably your first time using a Product of GregTech Intergalactical, so you might ask yourself where to begin with? This World is very complex, and you may want to acquire a few basic Resources first.

You need many Resources to start with, as there are: Wood, Sticky Resin or Slimeballs, Sand, Clay, Silk, Food, Iron, Copper, Tin, Flint, Redstone, Coal (or another good Fuel for the Oven) and a bunch of Cobblestones would also be very useful.

All Resources acquired? Good, then cook your Ores, Food and Slimeballs in your Stone Oven, and build a Bed so that you can rest. Then you might need a Mortar for the production of Bronze Dust. Bronze is much better than wasting Iron.

So, now that you have a set of Tools, you can begin to make an Iron Oven out of your old Stone Oven. And then you can begin to produce Refined Iron, by smelting Iron Ingots again. Smelting Sticky Resin into Rubber is no longer possible.

You might noticed that you need Tools to make Plates from Ingots, and to sharpen Edges, in order to make most of the Metal Items. So craft yourself a Hammer from 6 Ingots and a stick, and then make 2 Plates and put them on a stick to create a File.

This File is used to create Tools, which need a sharp Edge on a Side, like Swords, Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes and Hoes. The Metal Tools are all crafted in said way. Only Tools made of Gems, or the Wood and Stone Tools don't need this to be crafted.

You can of course use Tools made of Flint for now, what saves you a lot of Metal in the beginning. I would recommend you to use two Plates to make a Saw, so you can increase the yield of Planks and Sticks you get from a Log of Wood.

Now you have to get some Bronze going, before you can make any Machine. So either grab yourself a Mortar and make your Copper and Tin Ingots into Dust, or use the Hammer to crush Copper, Tin, Tetrahedrite or Cassiterite Ore into Dust.

Mix these Dusts at a 3-Copper to 1-Tin ratio and you will get Bronze. Tetrahedrite is not that pure, so I would recommend you to smelt it into Copper before using it. Smelt your Bronze Dust into Bronze and we can finally begin to make a Machine.

The Boiler is a simple Machine, which makes Steam out of Water, what will then power your other basic Machines. You need a Wrench to assemble most Machines, what is another 6 Ingots in a 'Y' Shape. The Boiler needs Water, so you need to get some.

It accepts only Coal, Charcoal and Coal Coke as Fuel. Coal Blocks will not fit into the Boiler! In case you somehow found Steel somewhere, you should use it instead of Bronze to craft the Boiler. But now we need a Steam consumer first.

There are Steam powered Versions of Compressor, Extractor, Furnace and Alloy Smelter, as well as a Sturdy Grinder (increases Ore yield slightly) and a Steam powered Forge Hammer (Hammer without durability problems). Build your Workshop with them.

The Steam Machines have a special Steam Output, that Output can be turned using a Wrench. Never obstruct that Output with ANYTHING, or the Machine will refuse to work! And also never stand right in front of that Output as hot Steam comes out of it.

Running a Steam Pipe into said Output is the most common mistake people do, as that is an Output and not an Input. But now back to the Workshop: You need a ton of Steel, so you need to make a Bronze Blast Furnace. That needs 100 Bronze Plates.

You need 32 Bronze Plated Bricks, each of them needs 3 Bronze Plates and 1 Brick Block, and then you need the 1 Block where you insert the Iron and the Coal to be smolten into Steel, what needs 4 Plates and 4 Brick Blocks more.

One of these Blast Furnii (The official plural of Furnace) might not be enough. You should build another one right next to it. Since you can share the Outer walls of the Blast Furnii you need only 64 more Bronze Plates for the second one.

Once you got enough Steel you can finally begin to make electric Machines. All that took you a few Days I guess, but you have finally reached the electric Tier, and you can be proud of it, that you got so far.

GregTech Manual I (Edition 3)