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  • Oil Refining Upgrade:
  • Rebalanced Oil Cracking.
  • Destillation Tower has now variable size from 4-12 blocks high. Recipes output up to 11 fluids.
  • Nitro Disel renamed to Cetane Boosted Fuel. Now made with Tetranitromethane instead of Glyceryl Trinirate.
  • Two new rubber types(Silicone Rubber and Styrene-Butadiene rubber).
  • New Rubbers nessary for IV+ cables.
  • Addition of BioDiesel made from Seed or Fish oil.
  • Pyrometallurgy update:
  • Advanced processing recipes for processing dusts in Blast Furnace.
  • Higher metal outputs possible with more work.
  • Eventually more byproducts.
  • Crushed ores and dusts smelting output changed.
  • Circuit/Chemistry Update rebalancings:
  • General cost reduction for circutis.
  • Circuit Boards from Epoxy moved up one tier but stays nessary after that.
  • Added new Plastic circuit board in place of old epoxy board.
  • Cheaper Vacuum Freezer.
  • More Niobium sources(As it is now used a lot in endgame).
  • More choices for chemical processing recipes cell usage.
  • Cheaper recipes in assembler for first circuits.
  • Assembly Machines now have 6 inputs too.
  • Cleanroom can be disabled in Config.
  • New Bricked Blast Furnace as alternative for Bronze Blast Furnace.
  • Assembly Line Recipes can now be seen in NEI after they got reseached and unlocked as achievement.
  • Bugfixes on Underground oil and Pollution saving.
  • Additional Pollution Effects.
  • Assembly lines now can have Data Access Hatches that store multiple recipes in Data Sticks.
  • Addition of Item Distributor. Can split up items evenly on all output sides.
  • Rebalancing of Chemical Recipes from .30 update.
  • Addition of single block LV and MV miners.
  • Coloring fix on pyrolysis oven.
  • Addition of new ZPM and UV Batteries. Recipes must be enabled in OPConfig.
  • Addition of MK II and III Oil Drills.
  • Pyrolyse oven can now be made with all coils and speed scales according to coil tier.
  • New Itempipes(Tin, Nickel,Cobalt, Aluminium)
  • Fix oregen not being constistent with identical world seeds.
  • Changed recipe for Fluid Canner.
  • Patch for AE2 Energy Tunnel to transfer GT EU. (Default off, has to be enabled in config).
  • Made some Assembly line recipes cheaper(needs datasticks to be remade).
  • Fixed reusage of Datasticks sometimes breaking Assemblyline recipes.
  • Fix Cheese/Dough recipe mixups.
  • Fix adv circuit achievement.
  • Removed not worldgen GT ores from MFR Laser Drill(with config).


  • Cables and Pipes now have hitboxes fitting their visual size.
  • Cables and Pipes can be hidden for better view by holding a soldering iron.
  • Changed Oregeneration to prevent worldgenloops in combination with other mods. This causes the orevein type to change when recreating the world with same seed.
  • IC2 Reactor vents can again used as covers. Vent covers now speed up machine processing by 1-3%.
  • Pollution is now visible as fog.
  • Fix hiding of ores in NEI(might need to reset NEI cache) to show.
  • Fix prospecting with hammer not working for marble and basalt.
  • DataOrb and DataStick are no longer circuits. Replacement added.
  • Port of GT6 timber function.
  • Attempted fix for fluids no longer getting accepted by machines if mods added after world creation changed the fluid map.
  • Fix reinforced stone not preventing monsterspawn.
  • Added config to disable cleanroom.
  • Fix IC2 Classic compatibility.
  • Made many more lines translateable.
  • Improved Transformer information on modechange.
  • Large boiler speed can now be controlled like large heat exchanger.
  • Large boiler fuel list added to nei.
  • Improved pollution tooltips.
  • Improved EBF and Diesel Engine tooltips.
  • Fix issues on recipe search of multiblocks involving fluids.
  • Added config to allow fully automated maintenance.
  • Multiple fixes for the modular armor.
  • Wireless redstone reciver(internal) now counts as machine controller.
  • Multiple spelling fixes.
  • Fix MicrowaveTransmitter and Teleporter incorrectly loading.
  • Fix Compressed meteoric iron recipe(GC).
  • Casings/reinforced stone now transfer strong redstone signals.
  • Cleanroom controller outputs now redstone signal depending on cleanness.


  • Added Lightning Rod! Quickly looses power from its internal storage. For best efficiency, get out the EU asap. It has lots of Amp for that.
  • Bugfixes and rebalancings for circuit changes.
  • Fixed Cleanroom bugs.
  • Opening Cleanroom door now lowers cleanness.
  • Fix Exception for Oildrilling.
  • Fix Low Grav(Spacestation) production for crystal cpus.
  • Multiple fixes for Modular Armor.(Still more to go, also need bugreports for them)
  • Recipes in NEI now get sorted.
  • Fix for chances of customoreveins.
  • Fix nether stonegeneration.
  • Fix one missed casing recipe.
  • Fix multple spellings.
  • Fix for incorrect oregen in nether if Biomes O Plenty is installed.
  • Fix Assemblyline multiblock check.
  • Fix Overclocking of high amp machines in processing array.
  • Fix rare fusion reactor bug.
  • Prevent stacking of empty batteries in battery buffer.
  • Fix ItemDetector Cover not detecting the first slot.
  • Add config for Teleporter energy usage.
  • Reduced Plascrete Mininglevels and hardness.
  • Allow teleportation to galacticraft dimension.
  • Fix powerbarrel bugs.
  • Fix GT crashing without NEI installed.
  • Fix EBF working without Mufflerhatch.
  • Add config to disable crops needing blocks below.
  • Changed Achievements to fit new circuits.


  • Many recipe rebalancings.
  • For example: Steam hammer now 3:2 for Ingot->Plate processing.
  • Multiblock building blocks halved in costs.
  • Some destillation tower recipes speed up.
  • Split Oil and Pollution calculation by dimension(by maixgame).
  • Add config for Oil drilling in different Dimensions (by maixgame).
  • New Fluid Filter modes (by DEMOOH).
  • Mix client side memory overflow issue.
  • Change IC2 NEI recipes into GT NEI recipes.
  • Add advanced seismic prospector (by KpoxaPy)
  • &many more smaller bugfixes.


  • Fix usability of Single use batteries.(by Timeslice42)
  • Fix Gas turbines/Diesel generators generating infinite fuel when using Universal Fluid Cells.(by Dimach)
  • Fix Adv Miner II outputting wrong ores.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fixed burn time of wooden covers.(by Dimach)
  • Fix fluid regulators ignoring shutters.(by Dimach)
  • Fix Plasma flow tooltip.(by Techlone)
  • Add progress bar for last forge loading phase.(Recipe load)(by Данила Большаков)
  • Fix Diesel Engine Tooltip.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fix Diesel Engine output when boosted.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fix efficiency calculation on large gas/plasma turbines.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fix Oil Cracker tooltip.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fix unlimited EU in Dynamo Hatch bug.(by codewarrior0)
  • Fix mining laser recipe change.
  • Disable markDirty Function of TileEntitys.(Achieved huge memory improvements in GT6, no testing in GT5 so far)
  • Fixed ore harvest levels for new stone types(marble/basalt ores)(by Dimach).
  • Various Fixes for Modular Armor.(By dgabehar)
  • Fix ULV&LV cable recipes.
  • Add marble and basalt to ore typefilter.
  • Wrong type of steam inserted in steam turbine will now get voided to avoid getting stuck.
  • Fix process time calculation of LuV+ disassemblers.
  • Fix food can recipes.
  • Change hot coolant energy value to better fix IC2 heat exchangers.
  • Fix efficiency data of Diesel engine.
  • Add Magic super fuel recipes that work without thaumcraft.
  • Naq Gen MK3 now needs molten enriched naquada instead of dust.
  • Add new usages for Graphite(Neutron reflectors, 8+32V solars, carbon conversaton).
  • Fix scanning for oil.
  • Fix naquadah fuel rods heat bonus.
  • Reduce damage senses take when harvesting ic2 crops.
  • Fix sound when using the plunger.
  • Fix Chlorine and Hydric Sulfide fluid states.
  • Rebalance Rocket Fuel production costs.
  • Fix broken Hydric Sulfide recipe.
  • Add missing meta items for GT++.
  • Fix pollution effect coordinate calculation.
  • EBF efficiency changes for better coils(-5% EU/t per 900K free heat capacity, One tier overclocking without efficiency loss every 1800K)


  • Fix crash with Fossils Archeology Revival.
  • Basic IC2 Classic compatibility.
  • Fix Forestry Wood Cover recipes.
  • Fix missing paperboard recipes.
  • Fix ore in basalt or mable not triggering achievements.
  • Fix Disassemblers above Insane Voltage(These tiers now work faster without efficiency loss).
  • Lowered sodium fuel value because mods with endless salt sources allowed too efficient power generation.
  • Exploding GT machines now drop randomly some of their crafting components.
  • Add missing GT Food Crops.
  • Fix GC Compressed Aluminium recipes.
  • Add Duranium/Tritanium as highend tool materials between HSS and Neutronium.
  • Add radon and naquadria fusion recipes.
  • Fix ImmEng adding simple recipes for Steel/Iron/Aluminium rods.
  • Added compat to EnderIO Rocket fuel+GT Recipe.
  • Cleanup recipe code.
  • Add all missing potion recipes to GT.
  • Make Dough by throwing flour into filled cauldron.
  • Allow Oil Drills to pump oil in void worlds without bedrock.
  • Hide Covers for Forestry woods if forestry is disabled.
  • Hide Disabled Crates.
  • Show missing Mining Pipes in Adv Miner II GUI and missing turbine rotors in large turbine GUI.
  • Fix Reinforced stone dropping as TNT.
  • Wrench shift click can move machine front direction.
  • Fix Quicksilver nugget dupe.
  • Improved Magneticraft compatibility.(Imported instead of reflection, add sifter recipes, remove processing exploits for tungsten, iridium or osmium, change carbite recipe, add oil products to fuels)
  • Immersive Engeneering compatibility.(Crusher recipes, Excavator has GT oreveins, bio fuel in diesel generator)
  • Add fuel values for PneumaticCraft fuels.
  • Fix crash in some Processing Array recipes.
  • Naquadah Fuel Rods.(Mox fuel stats with 10x runtime)
  • Fixed some broken Assemblyline recipes.
  • Added special mode to needsmaintainance cover for large turbine rotor damage detection.
  • Detect GT++ and enable materials for it.
  • Item Transfer now tries to move full stack instead of single operation.
  • Rare dropping of items in combination with double chests fixed.
  • Add Automatic Maintainance Hatch.
  • New Recipes for Lapotron Crystals, Mining Pipe, Mining Laser and Quantum Armor.
  • Change gravisuite armor recipes to assembly line.
  • Fix missing pulverization byproducts.
  • Add EnderIO Alloy recipes.
  • Rebalance Pollution. (https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/blob/unstable/src/main/java/gregtech/common/GT_Pollution.java for details)
  • Fixed some Pollution Bugs.
  • Added some more Pollution Effects.
  • Fixed Powderbarrel processing client side.
  • Fix the generation of uncraftable turbine rotors.
  • Fix Translation of Multibock Tooltips(This time for real)
  • Fixed Broken crop orepreocessing recipes.
  • Turn off AdvMinerII once reaching bedrock.
  • Turn off Oil Drill once all oil is drained.
  • Fix ignoredOredictList not working.
  • Fix scanner looking at wrong chunk for pollution in negative coordinates.
  • Fix Large Turbine tooltips.
  • Revised the modular armor.

Recipes are now enabled. Basic, non electric, Modular armor should work fine, testing needed. Electric modular armors still with a bunch of strange behaviors, will be fixed in the next updates, helping with testing would be nice. Modular armor now has a config to change its values. Balancing proposals would be nice.


Bugfix update.

  • Many fixes on the new Material system.
  • Also added a Minetweaker script parser. GT automaticly scanns for MT scripts and enables all items used in them automaticly.
  • If a Material is fully disabled, go to the MaterialProperties.cfg, search for the Material and enable it.

I:MaterialID_-1= <- 'https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/blob/experimental/src/main/java/gregtech/api/enums/Materials.java' Give it an unused Material ID, best the one it had before it was disabled. B:HasParentMod_false=true <- Not always there, but if it is, it must be set true. I:MaterialTypes_205=205 <- Bitmask for autogenerated Metaitems

   * @param aTypes                which kind of Items should be generated. Bitmask as follows:
    *                              1 = Dusts of all kinds.
    *                              2 = Dusts, Ingots, Plates, Rods/Sticks, Machine Components and other Metal specific things.
    *                              4 = Dusts, Gems, Plates, Lenses (if transparent).
    *                              8 = Dusts, Impure Dusts, crushed Ores, purified Ores, centrifuged Ores etc.
    *                              16 = Cells
    *                              32 = Plasma Cells
    *                              64 = Tool Heads
    *                              128 = Gears

All known mods that use GT items got included and now work fine. Should there be more, please leave an issue on github.

Other fixes:

  • Fix pollution crash.
  • Remove .bats because of some antivirus programms misrecognition them.
  • Fixed short distance teleports.
  • Fixed Fusion Reactor input.
  • Fix returning slabs on paper craft.
  • Fix GT Capes.
  • Fix Asteroid worldgen.
  • Fix Electric Blast Furnace heat behavior.
  • Change load order for doors to fix malisis doors conflict.
  • Changed nerfed Comb&Crop recipes.
  • Allow energy hatch to be in every slice of assembly line.
  • Optimize hiding of recycling recipes.
  • Change Multiblock Tooltips(Large Boiler, Large Turbine and Large Diesel Gen).
  • Add config to drop items from exploding machines.
  • Fixed charcoal pile igniter bug.
  • Added forming press support for processing arrays.


.24 directly after .23 even trough .23 took months? Well, this version has only one, but a huge change we prefer to keep seperate for now.

  • Muramasa- rewrote the whole Materials and Metaitem system.

The changes were huge, so quite possible that some things are still broken. The important points about the change.

  • We again can add more materials. Before it was limited by the maximum size of the materials enum.
  • Everyone can add and change materials. As addon or even in the config!
  • Materials now load dynamicly depending on the mods loaded. Less Materials = faster startup.
  • Players/Modpacks that use materials that are now disabled must reenable them in the config!
  • Unused Metaitems also got disabled for even faster startup times.

Same here, should they been used in the modpack, they have to be reenabled in the config! It is possible to enable the whole metaitem type or single metaitem/material combinations. These changes again brought a huge improvement in startup time. Depending on prior performance 10-40%! So .24 compared to .22 improves in some cases to less than half the load time.


Major changes:

  • Rewritten oregen system (by Muramasa-)
  • The addon GalacticGreg got integrated and can now be removed from modpacks without any issue.
  • Oretypes for Galacticraft planetes stones got added.
  • Oretypes for Underground Biomes stones got added.

More heating Coils for Electric Blast Furnace (by OneEyeMaker)

  • Old heating Coils are now Depricated. They should automaticly update. If not, you can pick them up and shapeless craft them into the new Coil types.
  • LuV+ Materials now need higher tiers of heating coils.

Load speed optimations (by Bogdan-G, portet by Muramasa-)

  • Many small improvements. The slower load was before, the better the speedup. 5-30% less startup times have been measured.


  • Now fully functional and activated. To get exact pollution value, use the Tricorder/Portable Scanner on any block to get pollution in the current chunk.
  • Can be disabled in config or limits for effects can be set.
  • Current effects, limits subjet to change:
    • Pollution > 750 000: Sometimes weak poison effect, gets stronger and more often as pollution rises.
    • Pollution > 1 000 000: Grass, Trees and plants start to die.
    • Pollution > 2 000 000: Rain becomes acid and slowly destroys stones.
  • Fuel burners and muffler hatches produce 10-100 pollution per second.
  • Every chunks pollution gets updates once per minute. Pollution goes down by 1% + 2000.
  • Neighbour chunks that have less than 80% pollution get 10% pollution moved over. Transfer minium 50000.
  • Planned: Smog, pollution production from other mod burners, better balancing, better multi dimension support.


  • Update Capelist URL.
  • Correctly remove items from Assembly Line input hatches.
  • Fixed assemblyline not working in negative world coordinates.
  • Fluidfilter cover fix.
  • Wires used in some IV recipes changes.
  • Updated Achievements.
  • Made GT machines sounds adjustable with sliders.
  • Fixed Super Fuel Fuelvalue handling.
  • Made wires paintable.
  • Update Processing Array recipe on machine replacement.
  • Large Turbines now explode when producing more than the dynamohatch voltage tier.
  • Fixed localisation of Assembly Line constructions plans.
  • Fixed large turbine integer overflow.
  • Added Magneticraft compatibility. (GT ore processing gets loaded into Magneticraft multiblocks)
  • Return slabs on paper crafting.
  • Added Metal Subtags to Tungstencarbide and Vanadiumsteel.
  • Fixed dimensional teleporter.
  • Reduced teleporting costs for long and interdimensional distances.
  • Changed item pipes behavior. The one transfer per second now can be split into multiple targed inventorys.
  • Naquadah Gen Mark III now also returns used naquadah.
  • Added missing reactoria leaf recipes.
  • Changed Magnetite aurelia processing recipe.
  • Fixed wrong quintuple plate recipe.
  • Force only single maintainance hatch on Distillation Tower, rised min stainless steel casings by 10.


Huge Changes:

  • Added Assembly Line multiblock. Picture construction and use guide.
  • Added Components for LuV, ZPM, UV produces by the new Assembly Line.
  • Added Machines for LuV, ZPM and UV. (Via Pull Request #551 by Muramasa) So now there are 8 Tiers of single block machines. The next updates will move some recipes up to the new machines or add new endgame stuff.
  • Added Large Diesel Engine multiblock. (Via Pull Request #500 by Muramasa) Proper Guide coming soon, for now infos can be found here: GitHub PR Large Diesel Gen
  • Large Turbines other than Steam now require higher tiered casings. (Via Pull Request #493 by Muramasa) (Fixes #434) You need to rebuild all your large turbines besides the Large Steam Turbine!
  • Added Pollution basework. Boilers, Diesel/Gas Generators and Muffler Hatches now add Pollution. Pollution gets saved per chunk. Pollution spreads and slowly dissipates. Currently no effects. Coming soon.

Smaller Changes:

  • Added Blast Furnace recipe for NaquadahAlloy and Osmiridium.
  • Argon now has a fluid.
  • Added NaquadahAlloy cables for ZPM and Duranium cables for UV.
  • Re-factored machine recipe components for LuV to UV.
  • Large Plasma turbines will now output the cooled versions of plasmas if an Output Hatch is available. (Via Pull Request #547 by perkinslr) (Fixes #162)
  • Advanced Miner II can now silk touch then pulverize ores from other mods than GT. (Via Pull Request #542 by perkinslr)
  • Added QuantumEye, QuantumStar and GraviStar to improve Field Generator recipes.
  • Added Super Fuel and Magic Super Fuel.
  • Notch apples can now be burned in a Magic Energy Converter.
  • The Plunger will now empty the input tank of a machine if the output tank is empty. (Fixes #370)
  • The Processing Array now supports 10 more machine types. (Fixes #524)
  • Added support for the EnderIO wrench. (Fixes #527)
  • Machines now support IC2 Single-Use batteries. (Fixes #483)
  • GT Plasma Cells that have a Fusion recipe are shown in NEI. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #268)
  • The Portable Scanner and NC Displays will now show the Optimal Flow for Large Turbines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
  • Processing of some ores can now be enabled via the config. (Via Pull Request #515 by OneEyeMaker) (Fixes #512)
  • Added Assembler recipes for various Machine Casings. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #477)
  • Soft Hammer renamed to Soft Mallet and it's texture is also flipped to differentiate from the Hammer (Via Pull Request #482 by draknyte1) (Fixes #407)
  • GT now triggers IC2 achievements unreachable before.
  • Added support for Speiger's Crop NEI Plugin. (Via Pull Request #497 by MauveCloud)


  • Glass in machine recipes past IV now requires IC2 reinforced glass.
  • Buffed the stats of Ultimet.
  • Nerfed biogas from distillery.
  • Changes voltage required to process Combs and crop drops.
  • Deduced cost to produce Polycaprolactam(String from oil).
  • Buffed the stats of Neutronium. (Fixes 489)
  • Reduced damage of Turbine Rotors in Plasma Turbines and added a config value. (Fixes 505)
  • Rebalanced sifting outputs.


  • Pyrolyse oven can now be overclocked. (Fixes #548)
  • Charcoal/Lignite blocks now have fuel values.
  • Advanced Miner II now takes the ore byproduct output chance into consideration. (Via Pull Request #536 by Techlons)
  • Corrected the burn value of Wooden Plates.
  • Fixed Exploit with Advanced Miner II where infinite mining pipes came out.
  • The Distillation tower will not start processing if there is a little oil left in second input hatch.
  • Magic Energy Absorber can now produce power from Enchanted Books. (Fixes #487)
  • Fixed Magic Energy Absorber not calculating it's efficiency properly. (Fixes #486)
  • Unstable ingots are now blacklisted from Unification. (Fixes #529)
  • Fixed Exploits with Advanced Miner II where an ore block could be mined twice. (Via Pull Request #533 by Techlone)
  • The Processing Array can now handle multiple input stacks at a time. (Via Pull Request #526 by perkinslr)
  • Brittle Charcoal can now be harvested in Adventure Mode. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #436)
  • Fixed Brittle Charcoal server client sync bug. Enforce correct tool and mining level. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #503)
  • Fixed various storage blocks not enforcing tool levels. (Via Pull Request #503 by MauveCloud)
  • Fixed 3 misspelt TC Aspects causing them not to be recognized by GT machines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #507)
  • Achievement "Full Efficiency" now has to be unlocked before "As Dense As Possible" (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #478)
  • Added missing GUI buttons to GT High Pressure and Bronze machines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #367)
  • Turbine Rotor tooltip now shows the correct Optimal Gas Flow. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #501)
  • Fixed crash when right clicking Fluid Filter with an item that isn't a fluid container. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #517)
  • Redone all multiblock tooltips so that they now follow a similar structure and are a little easier to understand. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
  • Output buses will now try and split exported items to multiple buses if there is no one left to take full stack. (Via Pull Request #499 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #180)
  • Sulfuric Naphtha is now spelt correctly. (Via Pull Request #473 by leagris) (Fixes #472 & #219)
  • The EV Battery Charger recipe now uses the OreDictionary.
  • Moved GT Bee init to earlier load phase.
  • Fixed a depricated autogenerated recipe for Assemblymachine.
  • Rised generator internal EU storage to counter production bug.


  • Fix fluid regulator recipe.
  • Fix some more missing recipes.
  • Change charcoal pit tooltip(now better to understand? If not, help me out please).
  • Allow multiple inputs in distillation tower.
  • Invert outputs of distillation tower fluids(light fluids top, heavy fluids bottom).
  • Oil rebalance(Rised gas fuel values, made heavy oil processing faster, cracking cheaper and outputs more gas, cracking light fuel to gas and burning it in multiblock gas turbine should slightly better than nitrofuel while being more complex).
  • Check damage from hot pipe also with connected sides.
  • Stop disassembler destroying items.
  • Fig rotor assembler recipes missing(had to change large fluid cells recipes/Recipe conflict).
  • Fluid extractor show one recipe per material.
  • Arc furnace show iron and copper recipes.


  • Fixed heavy oil not generated(other oil types pumped might change as random generator was changed).
  • Changed some Crop stats to fix crossbreeding (by Nidan).
  • Fixed broken gui of modular armor(by miuirussia).
  • Fix Fusion Reactor starting without enough energy in buffer(by techlone).
  • Fix Forestry Log&Planks above meta 15 not changed by GT.
  • Added compatibility for Nuclear Control monitors to large turbines.
  • Fixed large turbine output above optimal flow incorrect.
  • Added sharpness entcant to HSS metals.
  • Made Large Fluid Cells cheaper and higher stacking.
  • Improved stats of sense.
  • Adding missing drop to Uranium crop.
  • High pressure turbine now deletes normal steam in input hatch to not get stuck by heat exchanger messing up.
  • Added Lathe recipes for wooden bowls.
  • Fixed mox fuel rods in fluid reactors.
  • Fixed impossible recipe in implosion compressor.
  • Added Silicone soft hammer.
  • Added assembling machine recipe for rotors.
  • Fixed Adv Miner II not stopping at bedrock.
  • Fixed Adv Miner II destroying Oil Sands.
  • Made HV Magic Energy Converter pre fusion tier.
  • Added Fluid Filter cover(shutter cover that only lets pass fluids it is set to. set by right click with fluid container).
  • Added Regulator cover(pump cover with adjustable L/sec).
  • Fixed shift right click with screwdriver not working (finally lowering values without looping trough up to 64 values).
  • Fixed Item Detector cover.
  • Hiding of all unused ores from NEI (about 3000 entrys removed from NEI, can be reenabled in config).
  • Hiding of recycling recipes (should improve search for the correct recipes a lot. About 30k recipes that no longer show in NEI but still work. Also with config).
  • Fixed Gunpowder unlocking clean dust achievement.
  • First internal works on Tool hardening and Pollution systems. Only about half done.


  • Added model textures for Modular Armors (great thanks to Pyrolusite for providing them).
  • Various Spelling fixes.
  • Rework of explosives:
  • Added Powder Barrel (Basicly the simply gunpowder explosive).
  • Changed production of Dynamite, TNT and Industrial TNT.
  • Changed explosives needed for Implosion compressor.
  • Changed explosives needed for Seismic Prospector.
  • Fixed Chainsaw dropping corrupted forestry leaves.


  • Reverted "Fixed world event lag and related cahldron crash" because of crashes.
  • Added more EBXL processing recipes.
  • Fixed Crop processing recipes.
  • Fixed Mox Fuel crashing.
  • Fixed Mox heat bonus not working.
  • Fixed ordict registation for AE2 items.


  • Merged "Fixed world event lag and related cahldron crash" by LemADEC.
  • Fixed reprocessing exploid(Diamond drilling head crafted with 4 dusts + 1 diamond in forgehammer returned 5 normal diamonds).
  • Lowered UUM Berry drop chance.
  • Fixed Adv. Miner II running with not enough drilling fluid.
  • Made bees less biome dependend.
  • Fixed crash without RF API.
  • Fixed CO2 processing.
  • Fixed some Comb processing recipes.
  • Rised EU output of Hot Coolant 4x.
  • Override of IC2 fuel rods to get access of internal values.
  • Rised output of Electric IC2 Reactor 2x.
  • Lowered Mox heat bonus from 5x to 2.5x.
  • Initial port of GTExtras modular armor(Still somewhat broken, so crafting recipes disabled).
  • Merge "More beautiful achievements display" by miuirussia.


  • Fixed cables acting strange when missing RF api.
  • Fixed platinum group processing eating cells.
  • Cleanup crop class.
  • Crop stats change.
  • Graphene recipe more efficient.
  • Screwdriver + shiftclick going over 0 fix.
  • Screwdriver shiftcklick for covers.
  • Fixed Single use batterys stacking.
  • Fix ore achievements not respecting changed worldgen config.
  • Iridium reinforced recycles incomplete.
  • Solar/coal boiler nerv.
  • Added Underground biomes stone processing.
  • Biomass now needs water, biogas a bit less efficient in destillation tower.
  • Pump/conveyors only use energy when transfering.
  • Fix bee recipe nerv/change crop processing.
  • Fixed end asteroids spawning red granite ores.
  • Nuclear control sensor stack should not stack.
  • Nuclear control teleporter support.
  • Nuclear control display overflow with ultimate batterys fixed.
  • Fix dimensional teleporter work only with egg and plasma.
  • Seismic prospector now ignores small ores.


  • Wires now need 4 ticks overamps to burn(configuable).
  • Fixed alternative filter recipe.
  • Fixed achievement not unlockable.
  • Changed load order of fluids shared with IHL for better updating.
  • Oredicted PlatinumGroupSludge.


  • Chainsaw now has timber function.
  • Rebalanced oil/fuel burn values to fit new processing.
  • Fixed carbondioxide elements.
  • Fixed not existing block textures.
  • Screwdriver + shift now lowers output stack size.
  • Fixed quantum chest loosing items in certain actions.
  • Fixed automation of input filter.
  • Fixed batteries stacking in battery buffer by automation.
  • Add new multiblock guis.
  • Shorten hp turbine gui name(to fit gui).
  • Extended tooltip for large boiler.
  • Forestry 4.2.1 compat (does not break 4.1 support).
  • Fixed crash after ae2 removal.
  • Added recycling for reinforced blocks.
  • Added recipe to make Sifter craftable with LV tech.
  • Added graphene/ more alloy recipes.
  • Fixed chinsel marble processing.
  • Fixed memory overflow (hopefully. if anything fluid related is buggy, please tell me).
  • Pumped GT oil is now slowly decreasing (- 1L every 1000 cycles).
  • Moved Sulfide ore processing from IHL to GT(update IHL to v583+).


  • Fixed hull recycling.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixed fusion mk3 overclock.
  • Fixed sulfuric acid recipe overlap.
  • Fix mass fabricator.
  • Charcoal pit oredict support.


  • Fixed the crash with GT Bees and adds some new crop textures.


  • Fixed missing Gas texture.
  • Added config for ore block harvest levels.
  • Added coolant recipes.
  • Made caesium burnable.
  • GT Wrenches now work as Buildcraft wrenches.
  • Updated to Forestry 4.1.
  • Nerferd processing of the new GT Bee combs.
  • Added config to disable crops.
  • Added new crop drops.
  • Added recipes for crop drops that are similliar to Bee comp processing.
  • Fixed seismic prospector failing when no ores are found.
  • Fixed OpenGL error in ItemFiler.
  • Fixed Dependency on NEI.


  • Update to Foresty 4.0 api.
  • Improved Nuclear Control support. (ShawnBuckley)
  • Huge code cleanups. (ShawnBuckley)
  • Fixed Sulfuric Gas spelling. (ShawnBuckley)
  • Some small performance improvements. (ShawnBuckley)
  • Changed some crop textures. (from Marks)
  • Fixed naquadah reverse processing exploid.
  • Changed U235 processing to output U238 instead.
  • Added more Hydricsulfide recipes.
  • Fixed Pyrolyse Oven.


  • Merged 5.08.31 changes into 5.09 branch.
  • GT bees mutation fix.
  • Hot pipes damage.
  • Palladium, Iridium and Osmium now need EBF and VacFre to smelt.
  • Fixed oil drill/adv miner II not working in some combinations.
  • Fixed seismic scan output "null" fluid.
  • Changed IC2 rotor recipe.
  • Changed Carbon fiber recipe to use a catalyst.
  • Fixed Carbon dioxide electolyze recipe.
  • Added oil compatibility recipes.
  • Added chemical dye recipes.
  • changed string/wool/carpet machine recipes.
  • Added Pyrolyse Oven.
  • Fixed glowheat.
  • Added recipes for Nylon and Epoxid.
  • Added syntetic fiber recipe.
  • Added that oildrill/advmII now also use mining pipes from input hatch/bus.
  • Changed that gt Teleporter does interdimensional teleport with plasma in case no dragon egg is available.
  • Added Microwave energy transmitter.


  • Added Battery Chargers (Battery buffers that charge 16x faster).
  • Oil Drill now lowers a mining pipe(need to be supplied in the GUI).
  • Added Air to Nirogen, Oxygen, ... recipe.
  • Finished Advanced Miner II (Same structure as Oil drill. Can mine GT Ores with about 2x efficiency).


  • Fixed Steam turbine efficiency tooltip.
  • Fixed some misspellings.
  • Fixed Charcoal Pile issues (Large lag with huge piles, can now use all vanilla logs, multiple igniter per pile not possible anymore).
  • Added some more oil/plastic processing recipes.
  • Changed recipes of: Crop Havester, IC2 Reactor, IC2 RTG.



  • Brittle Charcoal now drops directly as charcoal (With chance of bonus drop).
  • Finished addition of new crops. Search for blocks/ores below now uses oredict.
  • Made Advanced Circuit achievement oredict. (by doushio9967)
  • Expanded Hatch names and descriptive tooltips. (by pyure)
  • Fixed playing crafting sounds with forestry worktable. (by mezz)
  • Added Large Boilers accepting distilled water. (by pyure)
  • Added chinese achievement language file (by TehporP)
  • Added a bunch of recipes for plastics.


  • Lowered Brittle Charcoal harvest level.
  • Finished Oil Cracker.


  • Rised rubber processing troughput.
  • Added alternative circuit recipe.
  • Rised lignite burn value 3x.
  • Added recipe for "normal" fuel.
  • Charcoal Pit does now work.
  • Seismic Procspector does work (including Analyzing, Printing and Book Assembling).
  • Oil Driling Rig does now work. (But not completed)


  • All 5.08.28-29 changes.
  • Fixed broken steam math of small turbine and large boiler.
  • Fixed circuit not possible to craft.
  • Internal changes to fluid handling.
  • Added burn values to new fuels.
  • Fixed crops needing blocks below not growing.


  • Fixed Crash with IHL.


  • Massfabricator:

8xEU per UUM (still less than IC2 EU costs)
max 10 Amp input
higher tiers no longer less efficient

  • Tool Material changes:

Titanium: 8.0, 2560, 3 - > 7.0, 1600, 3
Tungsten: 8.0, 5120, 3 -> 7.0, 2560, 3
Iridium: 6.0, 5120, 4 -> 6.0, 2560, 3
Osmiridium: 8.0, 3000, 4 -> 7.0, 1600, 4
TungstenSteel: 10, 5120, 4 -> 8.0, 2560, 4

  • New Materials:


  • More complex Titanium and Tungsten production:

Bauxite/Ilmenite + C -> Iron / Rutile + 2C + 2Cl -> Titaniumtetrachloride + 2MG -> Ti / Magnesiumchloride
Lava/End Stone now produce Tungstate(but more)
Tungstate/Scheelite Electrolyzing now needs EV + Hydrogen

  • Worldgen:

Removed Pu oregen(and byproducts)
Added U235 to oregen instead
Added Oil Sands oregen
Added Asteroids to TheEnd (code from GalacticGreg)

  • Made Single Use Batteries more useful:

Raised EU cap +50% to make them a alternative to produce Energy

  • Increase Large Boiler Efficiency:

Bronze 2.0x 16.000->32.000 (Steam per Charcoal)
Steel 1.5x 24.000->36.000
Titanium 1.3x 32.000->41.600
TSteel 1.2x 40.000->48.000

  • Generator efficiencies:

Turbine: 85,75,66
Generators: 95,90,85

  • Disassembler:

Lowered runtime for higher tiers.

  • Rubber changes:

Sticky Resin produces Raw Rubber and no more Plastic(Plastic now comes from Oil)
Raw Rubber vulcanization with Sulfur
Removed Rubber Cable crafting, now needs Fluid Solidifier + Fluid Rubber
ULV Cables can be isolated with paper, LV cables with wool+string

  • Misc changes:

Updated API Version to 5.09
Removed the old Rotors fully(the ones without texture)
Wood to Charcoal smelting disabled
EU->RF default enabled
IC2Cables default disabled
Sugarcane into paper or sugar now needs mortar to craft(can be disabled under harder recipes)

  • Cover now protect against cables and pipes shocking or buring:

Currently all covers. Need to limit to non conductive covers.(MetaPipeEntity.isCoverOnSide())

  • Changed and added Fluid pipes:

Reduced TS Pipe Temp resist 12500K -> 7500K, can no longer transfer Plasma
Added special Plasma Containment Pipe (nedodym + supercond)
Added High Pressure Pipes(More throughput than TS Pipes but need pumps to craft)

  • Added Gem, Reinforced and Metal Storage Blocks:

Metals: 124 types
Gems: 37 types
Reinforced: TS Reinforced Stone, IrReinforced Stone, Ir TS Reinf Stone, Plascrete Block, more...