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  • Ported 5.09 fixed to 5.08 branch.


  • Some small fixes.


  • Fixed spelling issues.
  • Fixed some achievements not working.
  • Moved Reactor fuel recipes into GT canner.
  • Biomass distillation recipe.
  • Processing array running with not enough fluid for 1 recipe.
  • Soldering iron issue with only one lot left.
  • Renamed aluminium achievement because of an conflict. Needs to be unlocked again.
  • Added missing PFAA material.
  • Fixed TypeFilter crashing with certain items.
  • Made NEI Button in Fusion GUI work.
  • Fixed some autogenerated recipes missing empty cells.
  • Added GT Coolant cells to VacFre recipes.


  • Made Advanced Circuit achievement oredict. (by doushio9967)
  • Expanded Hatch names and descriptive tooltips. (by pyure)
  • Fixed playing crafting sounds with forestry worktable. (by mezz)
  • Added Large Boilers accepting distilled water. (by pyure)
  • Added chinese achievement language file (by TehporP)
  • Fixed Corium texture.
  • Fixed Neutron Reflector and NaK Cell recipes not working.
  • Improved FusionReactor recipe code.
  • Fixed Fusion Overclocking.
  • Fixed Fusion stopping on server restart.
  • Improved TypeFilter now skipping empty types. If choosen prefix is 'ore', all types of ore are allowed now.
  • Added new fusion recipe.
  • Added ArcFurnace to Processing array.
  • Changed hull assembling recipes to fix crafting recipes.
  • Fixed some achievements.
  • Fixed Packager not accepting items for 1x1,2x2 and 3x3 crafting.
  • Fixed Magic Energy Absorber with DragonEgg exploding on bad chunkloading.
  • Added dye extraction recipes for EBXL.
  • Fixed Large Plasma Generator not running with high tier plasmas.
  • Fixed Processing Array producing stacks with size 0.
  • Added Endium processing(HEE).
  • Fixed Solarpanels running allways at full power.
  • Added AE2 P2P can be programmed by Gt Cables/Wires
  • Added Gt Rounds as AE2 Matter Cannon ammo. Damage depends on Material weight.


  • Quickfix too much maintainance damage.
  • Another fix for the lock upgrade.


  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed packager not accepting some items by automation.
  • Needs maintainance cover now also emits rs singnal to opposide side were a wireless transmitter(in) on the same block can send it.
  • Large Turbine also accepts MRF steam (by DeckerCHAN).
  • Fixed a worldgen issue changing probability.
  • Added additional worldgen logging with debug config enabled.
  • Changed code to compile also with IDEA.
  • Changed soldering iron behavior with not enough energy.
  • Changed large plasma gen output.
  • Added oreHeeEndium processing.
  • Added more shards in Magic Energy Converter.
  • Added thaumcraft liquid essentia as fuel to Magic Energy Absorber.
  • Added turbines disassemble(possible once they have taken damage).
  • Lowered disassembler runtime as in .09.
  • Fixed issue with lock upgrade.
  • Fixed fusion reactor not stopping without energy.
  • Fixed pump spawning infinite mining pipes.


  • Large Turbine and Large Heat Exchanger overhaul by pyure.
  • Fix Magic gen recipes missing without Thaumcraft.
  • Bronze Dust and Advanced Circuit Achievements now use OreDict.
  • Added 8 missing Metallurgy materials.
  • Fixed VibrantAlloy into molten PhasedGold recipes.
  • Fixed Batbuffer name in Nuclear Control.
  • Added Tooltips for auto output gui buttons.
  • Split used textures for items/blocks (Turbines/QChest/QTank/FusionComp).
  • Fixed QChest visuals in NEI.
  • Added NEI support for UUMatter recipes.


  • Disabled IC2 replictor by default.
  • Steel achievement can now be done by picking up a nugget after researching the Thaumcraft steel research.
  • New Magic Generator recipes using infusion when Thaumcraft is installed.
  • Fixed Distillation Tower outputs correctly to height.
  • Fixed Large Heat Exchanger getting Stuck.
  • Expanded Turbine Item Tooltips.
  • Large Gas Turbine now needs a Muffler Hatch.
  • Changed internal calculation of all Large Turbines (but not the math). How average the input over the last 256 ticks.
  • Made Coolant Cells not interchangeable between electric and fluid IC2 reactor.
  • Added missing metallurgy metals.
  • Change corium crop texture to the original one.
  • Fixed Processing Array fluid output with small hatches.


  • Fix Steammacerator cobble -> sand recipe.
  • AE2 Charged Certus removed(did not work anyways).
  • Lapis to Plantball compression with Agricraft installed fixed.
  • Lava in Heat Exchanger more efficient in High Pressure Boiler less efficient.
  • Fixed Large Turbine and Heat Exchanger water rounding bug.
  • Allow automation of single use batteries in battery buffers.
  • Nuclear Control cards support expanded(Quantum Chest/Tank, BatBuff, Machines show EU).


  • Fixed IV Machine Hull assembler recipe to fit crafting recipe.
  • Fixed thaumcraft compat research.
  • Added AE2 pure quartz compressing recipes.
  • Fixed fusion reactor not stopping without energy.
  • Added new mode to EUMeter Cover to also read energy stored in batterys.
  • Fixed rf->EU energy calculation.
  • Fixed processing array producing >64 stacksize.
  • Added processing array support for recipes not using up items (like shapes).


  • Fixed turbines breaking too fast.
  • Fixed ic2 steam not working in large turbines.
  • Added naquadah gen efficiency configs.
  • Now reverted really all oregen codechanges.


  • Fixed thorium fuel rods producing not enough heat.
  • Revert broken oreblock changes.
  • Change processing array tooltip.
  • Multible small Large Turbines changes/fixes.
  • Try fixing broken achievements.


  • Update forge 1481 (Tried to fix the SMP connection bug, but no success so far).
  • Update ic2 736.
  • Graphitecutting recipe.
  • Certus quartz unification.
  • Fixed solar boiler running at night.
  • Tried to fix worldgen loop issues by copying fixes from GT6. No idea if that worked.
  • Fix crowbar crash.
  • Fix turbine not breaking.
  • Large gas turbine now needs muffler.
  • Fix rounding bug with large plasma gen resulting it in running for free.
  • Fluid detector fix.
  • Naquadah reactor tooltip changes.
  • Fixing pump pumping oil or other non vanilla fluids.
  • Fix recipe.cfg generating new entrys every start.


  • Added lower tier glass recipe.
  • Rised glass melting temperature.
  • Remove double cobble/stone recipes from macerator.
  • IC2 pulling upgrade with GT cables when config is enabled.
  • IC2 wire cutter disabled when ic2 cables are disabled.
  • Fix forestry recipe changes(centrifuge, not tested).
  • Fixed archievement spam.
  • Fixed archievement disabling breaking some multiblocks fixed.
  • Fix large turbines(directional bugs).
  • Added special support for EnderIO RF.
  • Changed RF support implementation.


  • RF connection fixes.
  • Fixed type filter.
  • Recipe rebalancings.
  • TiC OreBerry fixes.
  • Added config to disable gt flinttools.
  • Fixed neutron reflectors producing too much energy with thorium fuel.
  • Processing Array fixes.
  • Large turbine construction fixes.
  • Large turbine rebalancings.
  • Change default unification targets.


  • Finished Processing Array.
  • Added RF Support.


  • Fixed Thorium Fuel heat output.
  • Finished Large Turbines (turbines take damage and scale, uses IC2 steam).
  • Added Large High Pressure Steam Turbine (Uses ic2 superheated steam).
  • Added Large Gas Turbine.
  • Added Large Plasma Generator (single block plasma gens got nerved).
  • Fixed fusion achievements.
  • More Fusion Fuels + alternative Tritium production with IC2 reactor using lithium.
  • Magic energy absorber now uses Endercrystals and absorbs entchantments.
  • Added Player Detector Cover (Range 8 unpowered , range 32 powered 1eu/t).
  • Added Multiblock Large Heat Exchanger.


  • Added large Turbine. Now working, but still incomplete. (Does not damage the turbine or change efficiency beween them. Can only use normal steam.)
  • Added Monster Repellator. Stops mobs from spawning close to it.


Unification bugfix.


  • A bunch of bugfixes.
  • Ported connected textures.


  • Added Turbines (Only the Items, the multiblocks are not complete jet).
  • Added config to disable all ic2 cables and replace them with GT cables.
  • Fixed Quantum Chest null-pointer bug.
  • Added 180 Achievements.


  • Added config to enable TCon in unification.
  • Added Teleporter.
  • Added Needs Maintainance Cover.
  • Changed Ultimate Battery Textures.
  • Changed Pump area (8(2^tier) -> 10(1.6^tier).


  • Fixed Steam Machines not working.


  • Fixed crash with Factorization.
  • Added missing Pump recipes.


  • Added config option for Railcraft plate unification.
  • Fixed massive oredic bug.
  • Added a GT Way for making Galactricraft Heavy Duty plates (And changed to the proper cost for compressed plates).
  • Fixed Fusion uses no energy.
  • Fixed packager input while using certain schematics.
  • Added support for IC2 biomass/biogas.
  • Added Pump(5 Tiers).


  • Fixed Quantum Chest meta+nbt.
  • Fixed Thorium Fuel Rod damage display.
  • Added a config to disable Railcraft Blast Furnace without enabling iron nugget to steel nugget in furnace. (In MachineStats.cfg)
  • Added support for GC oil in distillation recipes.
  • Added a few "thingys".


  • Added Wireless Redstone Covers.


  • Added Quantum Tank (5 Tiers).
  • Added Quantum Chest (5 Tiers).


  • Maintenance can be disabled in MachineStats.cfg.
  • Fixed Machine Control covers.
  • Fixed Crowbar.
  • Added Magic Energy Absorber (4 Tiers)includes Dragon Egg Energy Siphon and can harvest Thaumcraft Energized Nodes. Absorbing of enchantments and usage of Ender Crystal coming soon.


  • Added Soldering Iron as MetaTool.
  • Needs Tin/Lead/Soldering Alloy Rods/Fine Wires in Inventar to work.
  • Also a few bugfixes.


  • Fusion Reactor now has the right GUI.
  • Distillation Tower now fully functional.
  • 1-2 small bugfixes.


  • Fixed all the messed up recipes.
  • Ores have right textures back.
  • Input slots of steam machine fixed.


  • Added compatibility with forge versions older than 1355.


  • Catch FluidID crash.
  • Changed long numbers display.
  • Finally fixed massive tools and cover bug.
  • Added Nuclear Reactor Components.
  • Added Fusion Reactor (3 Tiers).
  • Added Plasma Generator (3 Tiers).
  • Added Magic energy generator (3 Tiers).
  • Added Processing Array.
  • Added Distillation Tower.
  • Added 2 new batterys (LuV and MaxV).


  • First broken decompiled versions. Not in a usable state.