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Ang pahinang ito ay tungkol GregTech 5 for Minecraft 1.7.10. Para other versions of GregTech, tingnan ang GregTech.
GregTech 5
Modicon gregtech5.gif
Mga kasalukuyang developerGregoriusT
Suportadong bersyon ng Minecraft1.7.10
Umaasa saIndustrialCraft 2
Kinakailangan saGalacticGreg
Mga modpack
InfiTech 2

GregTech 5, created by GregoriusT, is an addon mod that completely overhauls IndustrialCraft 2, adding numerous machines and materials, adjusting recipes for existing items, and revamping ore generation. GregTech is meant to extend gameplay by making certain things less overpowered, many machines more complex to craft, and adding a wide range of machinery. There is currently one available addon for GregTech; GalacticGreg, which lets GregTech Ores and Granite generate properly in Galacticraft's Moon and Mars dimensions. GregTech 5 has been replaced by GregTech 6, and as such will no longer receives updates or bugfixes.

An unofficial fork has been created that still updates and ports some machines of GregTech 4 like the Fusion Reactor and the Distillation Tower.


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